Two Location Comparison

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Both full-time relocation professionals and those who handle employee moves as part of their job agree: relocation can be complicated. Lucky for both, it doesn’t have to be. Our Two Location Comparison considers cost-of-living differences and calculates an allowance that can phase out over time. To offer this comprehensive package, we collect data on:

  • Living Community Selection
  • Homeowner and Rental Costs
  • Transportation
  • Income Taxes
  • Goods and Services
Two Location Comparison Cost Differential


Our Two Location Comparison provides a comprehensive view across geographic locations. Compare relevant costs before a move occurs and accurately determine an appropriate cost-of-living allowance for transferee relocations.


  • Calculate the comparison using proprietary data and methodology
  • Deliver the report real-time, providing a detailed breakdown


  • Use our web-based service to enter in specific parameters such as salary, family size and worksites
  • Create the desired relocation package

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