Is your vehicle program costing your bottom line?

Save, reinvest and grow your business.

Vehicle and reimbursement expenses account for one of the top line item expenses in your T&E budget. No matter the type of vehicle program you administer – flat allowance, cents per mile or fleet vehicles – it’s costing your bottom line more than it should.

What if you could start saving 20-30% from your vehicle program?

If you’re currently using a flat allowance or cents-per-mile program, find out exactly how much your business could be saving with individualized mileage reimbursement rates. If you’re administering fleet vehicles, compare your current program to an individualized approach and get an estimated cost savings.

In fact, 85% of Motus customers reinvested the cost savings from Motus into their organization by investing in other areas of the business.

Source: TechValidate

Calculate Your Savings 

Let’s get started with the basics.

How many of your employees drive for work?

Great! Next, give us an idea for how often they’re on the road.

How many miles do your employees drive on average?

Now, let’s find out where you’re at today.


How do you currently reimburse your employees?

Cent Per Mile
more info

I pay my drivers

per mile

Based on the IRS standard mileage rate or another amount per mile

Car Allowance
more info

I pay my drivers

per month

A flat allowance reimbursed each month. For example, $500 per driver

Fleet Vehicle
more info

I spend

in fleet costs per month/driver

Monthly cost to provide company cars to mobile employees (leased or company-owned)

If you use more than one program type, just select whichever one applies to most of your employees.
This calculator is driven by real, aggregated customer data and the Motus proprietary rate generation engine. The calculator generates estimates based on customer averages. Your actual results when using Motus may vary.