What is Bravery?

Bravery can come in different forms and in different situations. I have been told that participating in Haymakers for Hope is a brave thing to do. It could be seen that way, as boxing is in truth a scary, abnormal activity for a mild-mannered office worker to choose to do.

However, to me, the overall positive effect of participating in this event greatly outweighs the risks. While stepping into a boxing ring and fighting is absolutely scary and a challenge, it pales in comparison to the fight that cancer patients and survivors take on. And they did not choose their fight. They were thrown into it.

Although there are many people in my life that have been touched by cancer, one in particular stands out. My grandfather Theodore Gibbons died of lung cancer long before I was born. Despite that, I’ve always felt that he and I had a special connection. It’s hard to describe in any other way but a connection between souls. He was an amateur boxer who fought out of the New York Athletic Club. When I’m in the ring, I know he is in my corner guiding me through the fight.

My fight in Haymakers for Hope is in honor of his fight both inside and outside the ring, and I’m grateful for my wonderful Motus colleagues, whose support from the beginning has made it that much easier for me to step inside the ring for my grandfather. There’s a reason bravery is one of our core values – we push each other every day to try something different, both inside and outside of the office, without letting the fear of failure stand in the way. They have given me the opportunity and encouragement to push myself even harder and be the best fighter I can be.

To me, being brave means to choose to fight when all the odds are against you. It means accepting all fear, pain and risk of failure for the chance to come out on the other side. This type of bravery is perfectly and beautifully showcased in all cancer patients – fighters, survivors and those that have succumbed to the disease. The people battling cancer and fighting for their lives everyday show more bravery than I will ever have.

When your back is up against the wall, you have two choices: to fight your way out or to stay there and take what is coming. Choosing to fight like these warriors have done is what true bravery looks like.

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Lara Gibbons

Lara Gibbons is the Marketing Events Manager with Motus, LLC. With a finger on the pulse of industry events, Lara knows what conferences are must attends for companies looking to network.

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