Motus Announces WorkLife Latest: Professional Development for Millennials

How Companies are Investing in Professional Development Curriculums to Build Better Teams and Grow Their Businesses

BOSTON, MA – MAY 8, 2017Motus, a technology company that is passionate about making WorkLife better for mobile workers and their managers, today announced the latest event in its WorkLife Series, Professional Development for Millennials.

Professional development has evolved significantly in the past few years, driven by a growing demand from the Millennial generation. Comprising nearly 50 percent of the workforce today, Millennials believe professional development is a priority, and expect their employers to provide it. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, “on average, employers dedicate 2.7 hours per week to professional development; Millennials would like to see this increase to 4.5 hours per week.” Companies have recognized that providing their Millennial employees with professional development and subsidizing their post-graduate pursuits will attract and retain top-tier talent.

“Millennials are eager to learn and grow in their careers. An exciting, structured professional development program makes a good company a great place to work,” explains Matt Heller, Vice President, Culture and Talent Development for Motus.  “Combined with exposure to new opportunities, and supported by senior leadership in mentorship roles, professional development is a key area of investment for companies looking to attract and retain talent.”

For the spring installment of its WorkLife event series, Motus brings together Millennials in the Boston tech scene with panelists from top professional development programs to discuss emerging trends, debate the value proposition of established programs versus new offerings, and hear about how companies are investing in professional development curriculums to build better teams and grow their businesses.


WorkLife Event (panel, cocktails, networking)


Wednesday, May 24th


6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


District Hall

75 Northern Avenue

Boston, MA 02210

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Motus is passionate about leveraging technology to make WorkLife better for mobile workers and their managers, so it’s especially committed to creating programs that help its own team members achieve a better WorkLife. These programs encourage Motus employees to WorkSmart by self-managing their own success; WorkHappy by letting their curiosity, bravery and exceptionality shine; and WorkHealthy by staying active. For more information, please visit or connect with us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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