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Improve your total rewards package with best-in-class reimbursement programs. From vehicle and device to home office and relocation policies, we’ll help you build a program that meets your needs and grows with your business.

Reimburse with Confidence

Looking for pricing? We’re happy to share an estimate once we’ve gathered vital information. At Motus, accuracy is a priority. We want to ensure any estimate we provide is accurate and reflective of your program design.

The first step in building your reimbursement program is learning the type of program you’d like to implement and how many employees you’d like to enroll.

Whether you are a small business or enterprise size, we can help you create a flexible, automated and compliant program. Once we receive the necessary information, we will discuss your program and propose next steps. Fill out the form today to get started!
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Focus on one reimbursement program that reduces administrative headaches and costs, and helps you stay compliant.

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Preferred Bundles
Interested in two or more reimbursement programs? Talk to us about our preferred bundle options that can bring simplicity across your benefits package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s it like to partner with Motus?

    Selecting a partner can be overwhelming. Our goal is simple. We want to understand your challenges and your goals before helping you discover how you can achieve them with the right solution. Find out all about the road to becoming a customer.

  • What are the minimum qualifications for a reimbursement program?

    Every company with a mobile workforce has its unique set of needs. Different programs have different requirements. For example, in order to qualify for FAVR, employees must drive a minimum of 5,000 miles each year. Reach out and we’ll answer questions specific to your company’s needs.

  • What is the implementation process like?

    We have an in-house implementation team ready to get your company’s program running quickly and smoothly. Our implementation team consults with the company contact during the entire process to ensure you understand your program and how to use our platform. They will set up a kickoff call, a meeting to run through your specific program, a go live call and additional meetings if needed.

  • Can I manage my programs from one platform?

    Motus is the market leader in reimbursement for a reason. With decades of experience across reimbursement types, areas and industries, our comprehensive platform supports solutions simultaneously.

Start building your reimbursement programs with us today!

Start building your reimbursement programs with us today!

Build Your Program Today

Build Your Program Today