Reimburse the right amount. Every time.

Get the most accurate mileage receipt.

Using the power of our cloud-based platform, Motus calculates the exact rate for each employee.

Motus simplifies mileage tracking and reimbursement.

Motus works with every leader in your business.

Finance leaders have a lot on their plates. They're under pressure to find cost savings and grow profitability. They're dealing with the challenges of increasing mobility in the workforce. And they're still responsible for managing their Finance team.

Motus is here to help. Find out how.

Motus has reduced reimbursement costs by being more closely aligned with actual miles driven.

— Financial Analyst, Fortune 500 Health Care Company
source: Techvalidate

Human Resource leaders are responsible for everything associated with one of the most complex parts of a business — human capital strategy. They're making decisions every day that impact the entire workforce. And tasked with implementing fair and equal policies for all employees. All this while keeping the risk level of the business as low as possible.

Motus is here to help. Find out how.

Motus is an incredible company and provides an invaluable service to their clients.

– Human Resources Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company
source: Techvalidate

Resources for Human Resouces Leaders

Operations leaders are responsible for coordinating the activities of the entire organization. They need an efficient and reliable way to track activity and understand logistics. They're looking for accurate reports that give greater visibility into the operations of their mobile workforce.

Motus is here to help. Find out how.

Motus is very easy to navigate, tracks mileage with accuracy, offers time savings and allows us to no longer track mileage manually.

– Business Professional, Large Enterprise Beverage Company
source: Techvalidate

Procurement leaders are focused on strategically vetting and selecting vendors. They negotiate contracts and purchase services for your business. And they need to do that inside the budgetary and operational requirements of the company.

Motus is here to help. Find out how.

Motus significantly reduced over-reporting of mileage and enabled our managers to see the actual stores drivers were visiting.

– Procurement Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company
source: Techvalidate

Resources for Procurement Leaders

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of customers said that Motus has uncovered significant cost savings for their business.

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of surveyed customers realized a return on investment in 6-12 months or less using Motus.

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