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Motus Expands Leadership Team
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Motus Expands Leadership Team to Accelerate Growth and Customer Value at Scale

Investment in New Chief Technology Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chief Customer Officer to Drive Innovation and Incremental Value for Customers Over the Long-Term BOSTON, Mass., October 13, 2022 –...

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man driving vehicle pinching nose in emotion evoking driver insurance compliance
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Mobile Workforce

Driver Insurance Compliance: The Importance of Insurance Verification

Ben Reiland on May 25, 2023

You can’t leave the country without a passport. And you can’t drive your car without the keys. You could probably eat spaghetti without a fork, but it sounds… messy. In a…

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image of woman with spreadsheets evoking corporate expense management
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Bring Your Own Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

The Guide To Corporate Expense Management & Employee Reimbursement

Ben Reiland on May 23, 2023

Business moves fast in today’s world, so you need an expense management solution that moves with you. If you hope to remain compliant with labor laws and keep your business…

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average car allowance
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Vehicle Programs: What is The Average Car Allowance in 2023?

Ben Reiland on May 18, 2023

Car allowances are popular among many businesses for a number of reasons. For one, they’re easy to implement. For another, they don’t change a whole lot. Each month, companies reimburse employees who…

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Motus BYO
Motus O logo
Bring Your Own Company Culture Mobile Workforce

How Motus Approaches BYO with Our Own Employees

Motus on May 16, 2023

Motus has been in the reimbursement game for a long time. While the majority of that has been spent in the vehicle space, we got into asset reimbursement three years…

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man sitting on couch using phone evoking cell phone stipend
Headshot of a woman
Bring Your Own Mobile Workforce

Cell Phone Stipend: The Benefits of a BYO Program

Jennifer Warren on May 5, 2023

What work can you do on your phone? Answer emails, make calls, respond to messages, schedule meetings, submit invoices and receipts… the list goes on. How often do employees at…

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Company-Provided Vehicles
Woman's headshot with blurred background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

What is a Fleet Vehicle Program?: The Pros and Cons of Company-Provided Vehicles

Lara Gibbons on May 4, 2023

Most organizations have mobile employees. Without them getting where they need to go, companies don’t get where they want to go. That’s where vehicle programs come in. One of the…

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image of vehicle dashboard evoking variations in odometer readings
Headshot of a man with a blurred background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Variations in Odometer Readings

Ben Reiland on May 2, 2023

You may be wondering why the odometer reading in your vehicle differs from the distance calculated by an online mapping provider. The answer is simple: although vehicle odometer readings are close to the actual mileage traveled, they are not precise. Surprising to many, there is no federal law that regulates odometer accuracy, only guidelines by The Society of Automotive Engineers that allow for a margin of error of plus or minus four percent. A FOX19 report on odometer readings found that four vehicles of different makes all registered inaccurate readings. Some readings overshot the mileage driven, while others under reported the mileage driven. Even a variance of twenty feet per mile driven could result in a discrepancy of over five-hundred miles over the vehicle’s lifetime.

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business woman in front of laptop evoking HR leaders Leverage Automation
Woman's headshot with blurred background
HR Hangout Industry Trends Mobile Workforce Technology

Two Benefits of Leveraging Automation for HR Leaders

Jessica Chronchio on April 28, 2023

As an HR leader, it’s crucial to have the most efficient processes in place across your organization. But this can be challenging to scale as your organization grows. According to…

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FAVR mileage reimbursement
Headshot of a man with greenery in the background
Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Business Vehicle Programs: FAVR Mileage Reimbursement with Motus

Ken Robinson on April 26, 2023

For businesses that rely on driving employees, reimbursement for vehicle expenses is a top priority. Companies can reimburse employees using a variety of programs: car allowances, cents-per-mile reimbursements and more….

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