Working Forward to a Better WorkLife Working Forward to a Better WorkLife

Working Forward to a Better WorkLife

We’re committed to making WorkLife better by moving work forward —for our users and our own team members.

Our WorkLife Pillars

Enjoying what you do and who you do it with is essential to working happy. We hire people we want to work and spend time with – whether collaborating on a project or sharing a meal. We’ve taken a thoughtful approach to building a culture befitting the modern remote workforce. That means doing everything we can to make life more fun and less stressful for our team members, from collaborative lunches and experience-based summits in unique locations to philanthropy days and a suite of customized perk offerings.

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Staying healthy is important. When we feel good, we’re more creative, focused, and prepared to drive the business forward. We prioritize the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our team members with various wellness initiatives and robust healthcare plans.

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This is all about having the flexibility, tools and empowerment to execute on our goals in ways that make the most sense for us. We measure ourselves based on results rather than the amount of time we spend at a desk. We trust our team members to work when and how they want. We enable them by providing the structure and infrastructure to support innovation, collaboration and career advancement.

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We are happiest and most productive when we can choose our own work environment. Many of us are already located all over the country, the world even. But at Motus, we have the opportunity to work from anywhere. Whether in a home office or a café on a trip abroad, whether together or apart, we can pick right up. The world is our office.

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At Motus, we believe that working together means nurturing an inclusive workplace where every team member feels valued and heard. By bringing together diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, we strengthen our collective ability to tackle everyday challenges, seek out creative ways to address complex issues and build innovative products and solutions for our customers. We are actively and deliberately developing a culture of respect, empathy, understanding and belonging. This commitment to building enduring connections extends beyond our remote workspaces and is promoted across departments and teams, helping us form a tight-knit community of high-performing professionals who can thrive together.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

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At Motus, we recognize the power of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in fostering the innovation and creativity required for Motus to be an industry leader and achieve our shared business and cultural goals.

We are committed to creating a workplace that values and celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences of all our team members, because we know it contributes to the richness of our community and creates an environment where everyone can thrive.

We understand that building a truly diverse and inclusive team requires continuous, intentional effort. This is why we strive to cultivate an environment that values authenticity, celebrates differences and fosters a sense of belonging.

Through our ongoing pledge to DEIB, we hold ourselves accountable to our commitment to this mission, as it is key to building a successful organization that benefits our team members, customers, partners and communities.

Our People

Our team is the heart of our culture. They live our WorkLife Pillars every day. They’re the reason we win.

Business Development

WorkAnywhere to me means the ability to live the life I want while still being part of an amazing company that strives to help others improve. Being able to work anywhere has given me the ability to spend more time with my family, and even make additions with my new island dog rescue Louie!

- Ikaro Monteiro, Business Development Representative
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Work smarter, not harder. If there is a way for me to help a coworker by sharing my project management toolset to make their work more efficient, I will take the time to do it. If a little bit more time spent sharing my knowledge can help enable my coworkers to work smarter themselves, it's worth it. As a whole unit we are working smart together.

- Lisa Lamenzo, Project Manager
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Because of the WorkAnywhere policies and elimination of commute, I have been able to really commit to working out and eating healthy on a consistent basis. Motus respects my mental health and wants me to truly feel supported where I work. We are always surveyed about employee events, meetings. etc. and before big company decisions are made. Being kept in the loop makes me feel less anxious about the constantly evolving market!

- Laura Weiler, Operations Analyst
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WorkSmart has empowered us as employees to take responsibility for our day and daily tasks. There's no more being tied to your desk 8-5, which is fantastic! It allows us to work efficiently, yet flexible. Need to go to a dentist appointment? No problem! We have the flexibility to adjust our day to accommodate these simple tasks. The flexibility to schedule out our day has been a lifesaver.

- Stacy Lalumondier, Associate QA Analyst
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Whether in person or remote, I’ve witnessed the Finance team embody the WorkSmart pillar, time after time. We are often tasked with high priority projects that require us to mobilize and respond quickly. When urgent projects come up and potentially disrupt the teams normal rhythm, we’ve been able to pivot quickly. Effective communication and delegation have been critical to our success. When urgent requests come up, we know we can lean on our “muscle memory” and past successful projects to get the job done!

- Scott Shelley, Corporate Controller
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At Motus we believe we WorkForward through innovation. We also know innovation is not always an easy path to take, especially when facing a challenge.

Leaning Into the Issue
Leaning Into the Issue
Problems don’t just disappear. Our team dives in together to find solutions.
Move Fast
Move Fast
You’ll never make something perfect the first time, but you must keep going. Being innovative and moving fast means our team builds and tests until we get it right.
With Collaboration Comes Success
With Collaboration Comes Success
Seeing things from one angle will never give you a full picture. To achieve success from all perspectives requires collaboration and creativity.

Our team is made up of people of many talents, vast interests, diverse backgrounds and are located all over the country! This is what makes our team so strong.


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Motus Benefits

Motus Benefits

Join Our Team!

Join Our Team!

We’re growing fast, so check out our open positions! If you don’t see a role open at this time, email us your resume and introduce yourself. Our People team will reach out when the right opportunity is available.


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