Our Purpose

We’re committed to making WorkLife better—for our users and our own team members. In today’s world, the line between Work and Life is blurred. It has become harder to find time to do the things that matter most. We believe technology can solve that. At Motus, our technology helps users enjoy a better WorkLife and allows them to find their own balance and move work forward.

Our WorkLife Pillars

We make WorkLife better for mobile workers with our products and services. And because we’re so focused on making WorkLife better for our users, it’s especially important to us that we have the best WorkLife possible at Motus.

Our approach to having the best WorkLife is built on four pillars.



You should love what you do, and who you do it with. We hire people we want to work and spend time with – whether collaborating on a project or sharing a meal at a new restaurant. We’ve taken a thoughtful approach to building a culture befitting the modern remote workforce and do everything we can to make life more fun and less stressful for our team members, from collaborative lunches and experience-based summits in unique locations to philanthropy days and a suite of customized perk offerings.


Staying healthy is important. When we feel good, we’re more creative, focused, and prepared to drive the business forward. We prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our team members with various wellness initiatives and robust healthcare plans.



This is all about having the flexibility, tools, and empowerment to execute on our goals in the way that makes the most sense for us. We measure ourselves based on results rather than the amount of time we spend at a desk. We trust our team members to work when and how they want and provide the structure and infrastructure to support innovation, collaboration, and career advancement.



We are happiest and most productive when we can choose our own work environment. At Motus, we have the opportunity to work from anywhere – whether in a home office or a café on a trip abroad, whether together or apart. The world is your office.

Past WorkLife Events

  • Haymakers for Hope
    Haymakers for Hope Charity Boxing Event

    Team member Dante Leone represented Motus in a charity boxing match to knock out cancer.

  • Summer Happy Hour

    The Motus team celebrated being recognized as a Best Place to Work 2018 by the Boston Business Journal.

  • Sales and Marketing Kick-Off

    The Motus Sales and Marketing teams gathered in Waterford, Wisconsin for a few days of team building and planning for the remainder of the year.

  • Softball League Championship
    Softball League Championship

    Members of the Motus team participated in a summer softball league and took home the championship title.

  • 9/11 Remembrance Day of Service

    Motus team members put together care packages and letters of appreciation to send to active-duty service men and women.

  • Chicago Dinner
    Chicago Cooking Class

    Members of the Motus team got together in Chicago for a cooking class and an end of the year kick off.

We’re always looking for great talent to join our team.

If you’re a recent college graduate who is interested in pursuing a career at a tech company but not exactly sure where to start or what you want to do, our Talent Accelerator Program (TAP) is for you. We interview and hire for TAP classes at specific times of the year—typically aligned with a spring or winter graduation date. Participants start this rotational program as a group, on a structured pathway to one of several careers in the company.

Experienced talent is recruited and hired as needed. We’re growing fast, so check out our open positions. If you don’t see a role open at this time, email us your resume and introduce yourself. Our people team will reach out when the right opportunity is available.