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Compliant mileage reimbursement rates for delivery drivers

Restaurants and retail owners are facing increasing demand for faster delivery service and new competition. The growing market demand for delivery services has increased awareness around how delivery drivers are being reimbursed for their mileage. As a result, there’s more pressure on store owners to implement a labor-compliant, cost-effective mileage reimbursement solution for their employees. With Motus, store owners get custom mileage reimbursement rates that cater to the unique needs of the food delivery industry.

We reached out to the experts in calculating fair and accurate reimbursement rates for all of our delivery drivers. Motus made it easy and it was the obvious choice for our 150 restaurants.

– Dave Nall, President of Hoogland Foods, LCC dba Marco’s Pizza

Accurate mileage rates for the delivery industry.

Calculating mileage reimbursement rates in-house is time-consuming and could lead to reimbursement inaccuracies. Let us do what we do best. Our rates reflect real-time costs customized to each store location, providing a compliant mileage reimbursement program. We deliver the rates — You deliver the goods.

Comply with labor laws

With increasing litigation in the food service industry, it’s imperative that businesses’ mileage reimbursements are compliant with labor laws. Motus offers the only IRS-recommended mileage reimbursement methodology that factors in the variable cost of things like fuel prices and insurance premiums.

Reduce Costs

From big corporations to small store owners, every dollar counts. Reimbursing delivery drivers based on the IRS Safe Harbor Rate is expensive and unnecessary. Motus Rates save time and money – allowing companies to reinvest in their business and employees.

Manage every store from one platform.

Gain flexibility with the ability to batch upload store locations or add and edit anytime. Give store owners permissions to view their rates report within the platform. But maintain franchise oversight. Custom rates delivered to each store, every month.

Progressive food delivery companies partner with Motus.

“Motus has decreased our automotive reimbursement costs.”

– Controller, Large Enterprise Food Company
Source: TechValidate

88% of surveyed Motus customers realized a return on their investment in Motus in 6-12 months or less.

Source: TechValidate

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