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Redefining How Company Cars Are Administered

Accurate Personal-Use Chargebacks

Personal mileage is a large fleet expense. Calculate personal-use chargebacks for your employees in company-provided vehicles.

Fair and Accurate
Fair and Accurate
Companies with fleet programs either estimate a personal use percentage or charge a flat rate. These methods cost the company’s bottom line. Motus calculates precise amounts for personal use for every employee.
Mileage Logs
Mileage Logs
Using GPS-verified mileage logs, Motus calculates charges specific to the individual employee — measuring their business mileage against their monthly odometer reading.
Automated Mileage Capture
Automated Mileage Capture
The Motus App fully automates the mileage capture process so employees can focus on work.

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The Motus Platform

The Solution to Your Company’s Personal-use Chargeback Needs

For small companies just starting out or corporations that have been around for decades, Motus has the solution for your fleet.

  • The Motus Platform powers our solutions, providing accurate fleet personal-use charges employees can enjoy without costing the business.
  • The simple set it and forget it feature in our app makes capturing mileage virtually effortless.

While a personal-use chargeback can benefit both employer and employee, alternatives to fleet provide greater cost control.

FAVR Reimbursement
FAVR Reimbursement
Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, FAVR programs reimburse employees for the fixed and variable costs of driving in the vehicle that best suits their lifestyle needs.
CPM Reimbursement
CPM Reimbursement
Seamlessly manage tax-free reimbursements, report on trends and verify insurance compliance through one centralized platform.

Motus has greatly reduced the work of our staff to run and maintain the operations with our sales force. We are hoping to start using the Motus App this year to further drive efficiency and automation.

– Vice President of an S&P 500 company

Motus has made mileage tracking more efficient while saving administrative time and money. They’ve also made being IRS compliant very simple and efficient.

– Controller at Small Industrial Manufacturing Business

Motus has reduced Accounting, Payroll and Administrative costs and is very easy to manage.

– Operations Manager

The program is working for us and gives us consistency and direct access for each employee.

– Human Resources Manager

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

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Empower your mobile workforce with a vehicle program that covers driving costs, saves time and boosts productivity.

Benefits to the Mobile Worker

  • With a personal-use chargeback, employees are charged accurately for personal mileage in their company-owned vehicle.
  • Manually recording mileage takes time out of every driver’s day. The Motus App offers improvement to their WorkLife as automated tracking gives that time back.
  • While a calculated personal-use chargeback is better than the alternative, other vehicle programs provide better options. A FAVR program reimburses employees fairly and accurately for the costs of driving their personal vehicles.
We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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