Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Approaching sustainability with responsible vehicle programs

Motus Has Tools to Help Your Organization Achieve Its Emissions Reduction Goals

Providing program options to best support your organization’s individual needs.

Electric Vehicle Reimbursements
Electric Vehicle Reimbursements
Providing reimbursements for electric vehicles meets the growing number of people who drive electric vehicles, using the same method as other Motus gray fleet rates.
Emissions Measurement 
Emissions Measurement 
Companies often overlook their gray fleet when calculating emissions. Accurately measuring and monitoring your emissions footprint is the first key step to understanding where and how to incorporate sustainably into your vehicle program.
Path Forward
Path Forward
Take control of the information you need to understand both the vehicle types in your program and how much they drive. Putting this together will inform a path to reduce your business-driving emissions and show quantitative improvements.
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Guidance to Achieve Corporate Goals

Companies are setting sustainability goals and targets, without clear guidance on how to achieve them. While setting goals such as 100% electrification by 2030 can inspire and motivate leaders and employees, hard questions on how to meet such goals follow.

Organizations need expertise and guidance to lay out the steps and predict what the future will look like for their organizations to develop plans that inspire confidence. The Motus platform and our team’s expertise can guide companies to these goals and ensure that a clear plan of action is in place for both reporting and equitable reimbursements for electric vehicles.

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Accelerate Your Efforts

Tackling big initiatives can be overwhelming. Especially when those initiatives involve reducing carbon footprints. With so many approaches to consider, where do you begin?

  • Measurable impact on emissions
  • Finding solutions with a minimal impact on business operations
  • Costs of the initiative to the company
  • Provide accurate reimbursements for your mobile workforce based on electric vehicles
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The Motus Platform

Meet Environmental Impact Goals

Motus helps customers plan their paths to achieving their goals, leveraging expertise in all aspects of vehicle costs and trends.

With data from The Motus Platform, we advise our customers on options and impacts. This helps companies align and meet their immediate, short term and long-term goals: carbon neutrality, zero-emission fleets, etc. 

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The Risk Of Missing Sustainability Targets

We all wrestle with competing priorities. However, companies that are slow to take action on sustainability risk missing their targets. This may result in:

  • Greater negative impact on environment
  • Increased pressure, from activists and communities to employees and customers
  • Diminished public perception
Ready to achieve your Environmental Impact goals?

Ready to achieve your Environmental Impact goals?

Contact us today to find out how your organization can leverage The Motus Platform to accomplish its sustainability goals.

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