Partnering with Motus Partnering with Motus

Partnering with Motus

Are your customers seeking solutions for their growing mobile workforce? Are you looking to increase customer satisfaction and drive increased business value? Motus has the solution.

Why Partner With Us

Partnering with Motus ensures your customers’ mobile workers can focus on their core job functions while receiving fair and accurate reimbursements.
Control costs and mitigate risk with a vehicle program that best serves your company’s needs.

BYO Reimbursement
Motus BYO is a data-driven, configurable solution that helps employers provide equitable reimbursements based on living cost data for the business use of employee assets.

Managed Mobility Services
Our suite of managed mobility software and services manages all aspects of asset, carrier and policy management while providing best-in-class US-based support teams and help desk.

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Living Costs
Reimburse and relocate employees with accurate living costs insights.

Motus Platform
Motus partners benefit from our growing suite of solutions for the mixed-use asset universe – and the platform that ties it together.

How Do Motus Partners Benefit?

  • Motus partners benefit from full-service sales support, aggressive compensation, deal registration/tracking and new opportunities.
  • Built on a multi-tenant, service-oriented architecture, the secure, cloud-based Motus Platform enables your team with geographically-specific data.
  • Through simple, well-documented, open APIs, Motus makes it easy to integrate with your customer’s existing HRIS, ERP, payroll or accounting business systems creating a seamless experience.

A Range of Partners

We work with a variety of partners, including: master agents, authorized resellers and referral partners. We can be involved as much, or as little, in the sales cycle as you choose.

  • We’re dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
  • We enable agents to close deals with the full support of our team of experts.

Motus has greatly reduced the work of our staff to run and maintain the operations with our sales force. We are hoping to start using the Motus App this year to further drive efficiency and automation.

– Vice President of an S&P 500 company

Once our employees bought into it, they really like using it and the reimbursements. In turn, our organization has recognized significant cost savings while staying compliant with the IRS.

– CFO at Medium Enterprise Beverage Business

Motus has made mileage tracking more efficient while saving administrative time and money. They’ve also made being IRS compliant very simple and efficient.

– Controller at Small Industrial Manufacturing business

Since implementation, Motus has been using their advanced technology to seamlessly handle our automobile reimbursement program. Unlike with many vendors, their customer service team is also top-notch and easy to reach.

– Mid-Market company

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

All data, statistics, and testimonials are generated and validated through TechValidate and G2, third-party research organizations. Motus customers review our technology and service through TechValidate and G2 to ensure accuracy and truthfulness.

Interested in Partnering with Motus?

Interested in Partnering with Motus?

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