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With Motus, mobilize your workforce with confidence.

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Location-Specific Cost Insights for Every Company

Motus delivers cost insights for any location to help your company attract and retain talent.

  • With comprehensive and geographically sensitive intelligence, Motus delivers insights to inform relocation allowances, temporary assignments & living cost comparisons.
  • Reimburse employees fairly and accurately across the full range of relocation, business travel and temporary assignment scenarios.

Motus enables us to complete our analysis and program admin in an accurate and timely manner.

– Customer Support Manager

Motus provides us with confidence that the data we use is accurate and irrefutable.

– Human Resources Manager

The Motus account management team are responsive, knowledgeable, and customer centric.

– Human Resources Manger

Motus helps us be consistent in treating everyone equal and fair with a standard calculation for all.

– Human Resources Manager

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

All data, statistics, and testimonials are generated and validated through TechValidate and G2, third-party research organizations. Motus customers review our technology and service through TechValidate and G2 to ensure accuracy and truthfulness.

We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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