We’re Better Together

Empowering the Anywhere Workforce with Motus

Are your customers seeking solutions for their growing anywhere workforce? Are you looking to increase customer satisfaction and drive increased business value? Partnering with Motus ensures your customers’ anywhere workers can focus on their core job functions while utilizing and are reimbursed for the tools they need to get the job done at a fair and accurate rate.

Why Partner with Us

As the way we work continues to evolve, one thing is certain: remote work is here to stay. Managing necessary business tools was difficult enough when the majority of employees were in the office. Managing those tools when employees are remote is even more challenging.

Motus partners benefit from:

  • Full-Service Sales Support
  • Aggressive Compensation
  • Customizable Motus Platform
  • Deal Registration/Tracking
  • New Opportunities

At Motus, we work with a variety of different partners ranging from:

  • Master Agents
  • Authorized Resellers
  • Referral Partners

Whatever partnership we decide on, one thing is for sure: we’re dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction and ensuring you succeed.

We can be involved as much, or as little, in the sales cycle as you choose. A partnership with Motus enables agents to close deals with the full support of our Motus’ team of experts.

What Motus Offers

Our cloud-based platform aggregates living cost, vehicle expense and location data to calculate equitable rates, estimates and reports. These multiple solutions specific to chosen locations, provide our partners peace of mind, knowing the unique needs of their customers are met.

A truly unified customer experience requires integration across core business systems. Through our simple, well-documented, open APIs, Motus makes it easy to integrate with your customer’s existing HRIS, ERP, payroll or accounting business systems creating a seamless experience.

Our Aim is Simple

  • Simplify the sales process
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate your business

Interested in partnering with Motus?