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Seamless Integrations Drive Mobile Workforce Productivity

Whether connecting through an open API or a customized integration, Motus allows your mobile employees to focus on their core job functions. By leveraging a services-oriented architecture platform within a cloud environment our partners have piece of mind knowing that our products can scale to meet the needs of evolving technologies.

Popular Integrations


When mobile employees submit their mileage within the Motus platform, individual reimbursement amounts are calculated and expense reports are automatically created in Concur Expense and submitted for manager approval. This streamlined process ultimately reduces the number of expense-related tasks your mobile workforce needs to manage.

CRM Systems

An integration with the Oracle or Salesforce.com CRM system allows mobile employees to sync their daily business stops across multiple systems. The Motus app geo-fences their location to your CRM accounts, contacts, and leads and automatically populates their mileage logs with the appropriate location details. Connecting Motus with your CRM system decreases the amount of time needed to update CRM notes and mileage logs, so your employees can spend more time selling.

API’s and Custom Data Exchange Programs

A truly unified customer experience requires integration across core business systems. Through our simple, well-documented, open APIs, Motus makes it easy to integrate with your existing CRM, HRIS, ERP, payroll or accounting business systems.


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