Motus Fuel

With the Motus Fuel Card, your employees can fill up when they’re running on empty without emptying their wallets.

The Motus App tells your employees where to fill up based on the lowest fuel prices in the area. And when your employees go to pay, the fuel card covers their expense.

The result?

Your employees can save 2%* at the pump – every time. Multiply that across your mobile workforce and realize significant cost savings from your T&E budget.

Drive cost savings for your employees and your business.

  • Cover fuel costs upfront and keep your employees’ money in their wallets

  • Reduce overall spend on fuel and reinvest those savings

Beyond cost savings, gain insights into fuel expenses and control costs with all of your business-related driving expenses visible in one technology platform. Give your employees the tools they need to save at the pump and eliminate the stress of having to pay upfront for fuel expenses.

Protect your bottom line and make work life easier.
Everyone wins with the Motus Fuel Card.

* Savings may vary. Motus does not warrant or make any representations regarding, and disclaims any responsibility for, cardholders’ actual fuel costs and/or savings (if any).