Empowering your Future Fleet™ Empowering your Future Fleet™

Empowering your Future Fleet™

Motus leads the way in assisting companies to design and manage their future fleet. Our solutions are crafted to optimize spending, mitigate risks and streamline reimbursements linked to employees driving for work.

Leading the Way in Future Fleet

Trusted Advisors
Trusted Advisors
The Motus team provides expert guidance for continual optimization of every program. Customers win with best-in-industry, personalized support and guidance every step of the way to create program success and confidence that your SLAs will be met.
Most Options
Most Options
Motus offers the broadest range of tax-advantaged reimbursement programs to provide solutions for every driver and manage them from a centralized platform - setting us apart as the industry leader. Our safety solutions help employers mitigate risk and improve employee safe driving skills, and our mobile app makes mileage capture simple and reliable.
Best Results
Best Results
Motus delivers a clear view across all vehicle reimbursement spend. Our decades of experience allow us to guide customers to achieve IRS compliant and substantiated cost savings with programs that improve the driver experience.
Proven & Secure
Proven & Secure
More companies trust Motus to achieve their vehicle reimbursement business objectives and successfully manage changes that impact employees. Our best-in-class security measures and dedicated data privacy resource continually evolve and adjust as new laws are passed. Learn more about compliance and our security certifications at the Motus Trust Center.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Motus is the reimbursement management platform of choice for trusted brands.

See What Reimbursement Made Simple Looks Like

See What Reimbursement Made Simple Looks Like

Getting started is easy: take a tour, try a demo, then enjoy 100% compliance with no worries, no problems and no complications.

Make The Most Of Your Mobile Workforce With
Solutions For Every Industry

No matter your company size, Motus solutions stretch beyond meeting the needs of one department. From workforce insights and compliance to cost control, Motus produces the best results over the life of every program.

Man in glasses looking at a desk covered in papers, with a cell phone next to his left hand

Motus has reduced reimbursement costs by being more closely aligned with actual miles driven.

- Financial Analyst, Fortune 500 Health Care Company

Finance leaders have a lot on their plates. They’re under pressure to grow profitability, find cost savings and reallocate funds to other areas of the business. And, if managing their Finance team wasn’t enough, they’re also dealing with the challenges of an evolving work landscape.

Man talking to seven people on a computer screen

Motus is an incredible company and provides an invaluable service to their clients.

- Human Resources Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

In office or remote, Human Resource leaders implement labor-law-compliant policies designed to be fair and equal for all employees. They also work to minimize company risk exposure. A company can’t add new talent or adapt its culture for success without this essential function.

Two women looking at a tablet screen while one points with a pen

Motus is very easy to navigate, tracks mileage with accuracy, offers time savings and allows us to no longer track mileage manually.

- Business Professional, Large Enterprise Beverage Company

Operations leaders, coordinating the activities across the entire organization, thrive on efficient and reliable processes. Through normal and unprecedented times, they need accurate reports that provide greater visibility into their mobile workforce.

Man with a hat and face mask looking at a tablet

Motus significantly reduced over-reporting of mileage and enabled our managers to see the actual stores drivers were visiting.

- Procurement Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Procurement leaders add value by strategically vetting and selecting vendors. Negotiating contracts and purchasing services for the business requires expertise and finesse. Doing so within the budgetary and operational requirements of the company adds greater challenge to their role.

Woman holding papers while pointing at a computer screen where a man is working

IT leaders must balance service, resourcing and hardware needs with strategically vetting and selecting vendors that add value. The process for tech decisions can be a long, inefficient road to achieve the desired outcome while your time is already spread thin.

Motus has greatly reduced the work of our staff to run and maintain the operations with our sales force. We are hoping to start using the Motus App this year to further drive efficiency and automation.

– Vice President of an S&P 500 company

Once our employees bought into it, they really like using it and the reimbursements. In turn, our organization has recognized significant cost savings while staying compliant with the IRS.

– CFO at Medium Enterprise Beverage Business

Motus has made mileage tracking more efficient while saving administrative time and money. They’ve also made being IRS compliant very simple and efficient.

– Controller at Small Industrial Manufacturing business

Since implementation, Motus has been using their advanced technology to seamlessly handle our automobile reimbursement program. Unlike with many vendors, their customer service team is also top-notch and easy to reach.

– Mid-Market company

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All data, statistics, and testimonials are generated and validated through TechValidate and G2, third-party research organizations. Motus customers review our technology and service through TechValidate and G2 to ensure accuracy and truthfulness.

We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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