Our Team

Gregg Darish Founder and Chairman

With an idea to improve life for mobile workers through technology, Gregg created Corporate Reimbursement Services in 2004. Today, Motus is still that company, building upon its initial mission by leveraging advancements in technology. An active leader in the business and non-profit communities, Gregg sits on the board of several non-profit organizations.

Craig Powell Director, President and CEO

Craig is a visionary who leads companies to become authorities in their respective industries. A leader with an affinity for cultivating strong relationships and securing strategic partnerships in order to rapidly scale, he’s also an avid proponent of creating a solid culture dedicated to the principles of transparency, communication, and individual responsibility. When not leading the charge toward the future of mobile workforce management, Craig sits on the board of the charitable organizations Your Grateful Nation and Beat the Streets.

Robert Headley Chief Revenue Officer

Success comes in many different forms, but Rob insists on finding a way to foster success—in every form—through his collaboration with others. Since joining Motus in 2013 revenue has continuously surpassed growth targets. His experience leveraging modern sales strategies has ensured that Motus retains a top-tier position in the mobile workforce management marketplace.

Kristen Dooley Chief People Officer

Surrounding yourself with the best people matters. Kristen cultivates a winning culture and executes strategic “people initiatives” to attract and motivate top talent to join Motus. She is committed to making sure all team members work smart, work healthy, and work happy. With the goal of clarity, transparency and personal accountability Kristen ensures that Motus is a place where team members care about their jobs, each other and the customers we serve.

Tim Brown Chief Financial Officer

Tim is responsible for the financial management of Motus and working with the CEO to drive many of the company’s strategic initiatives. With over 15 years of experience working with technology and growth companies as an executive and investor, Tim’s insights and talents are numerous. While financial reporting, analysis, and forecasting may be the crux of his duties, Tim is also focused on identifying, evaluating, and executing on opportunities to drive growth and operational improvements for Motus.

Rick Blaisdell Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for delivering innovative web and mobile applications to the mobile marketplace, Rick brings more than 20 years of experience to the fold. His expertise in cloud computing integration, Information Systems, and IT services helps him manage a talented team of product, project, development and infrastructure professionals to leverage SOA, APIs and SDKs to deliver web and native applications, and deploy SaaS applications on a scalable, multi-geo-located IaaS platform.

Todd Gebski Vice President, Marketing

Charged with informing the way existing customers and potential clients think about mobile workforce management — or maybe even understanding what it is — Todd oversees how the Motus brand is received in the marketplace. With 15 years experience in marketing and eCommerce, Todd has a firm understanding of the marketing mix needed for success.

Ady Das Vice President, Product Management

Responsible for the delivery of product innovation as well as managing technology operations at all levels, Ady cultivates the best talent for his team by encouraging creativity and fostering accountability. He has 20 years of experience as a hands-on manager for web and mobile-based software development.

John Petrucelli Vice President, R&D and Product Innovation

Steering our efforts to deploy useful tools through creative design that aligns with the company’s strategic and business objectives, John’s trademark style is executing disruptive ideas without disrupting the organization. He leverages his vast mobile development expertise to bring innovative solutions to the mobile workforce management marketplace.

Linda Lauritano Vice President, Project Management Office

Linda leads the project management team at Motus by developing and implementing controls and best practices across the entire product development process. By maintaining open communication with senior management she’s able to manage the many moving parts of multiple projects to ensure their delivery on time and on budget.

Scott Rankin Vice President, Technology

A seasoned software architect with more than 15 years experience, Scott leads a team of technologists in designing, developing, and delivering Motus’ next-generation SaaS platform. By utilizing the latest tools in the digital space, Scott and his team ensure a seamless user experience for Motus’ web-based and native mobile end users.

Jennifer Perkins Vice President, Demand Generation

Jenn spearheads demand generation programs that drive revenue growth and reinforce the Motus brand. Responsible for maximizing ROI from Motus’ marketing efforts, Jenn ascertains which demand gen initiatives work best, accelerate sales, and position Motus as a leader in the mobile workforce management marketplace.

Mike Stella Vice President, Sales

Often referred to as “Coach,” Mike is steering Motus’ growth, by recruiting, training, and mentoring sales professionals to become top talent. Tracking sales activity and metrics to ensure consistent forecasting and repeatable performance, Mike consistently exceeds all sales objectives.

Mike Addesa Vice President, Mobile Applications

A seasoned software engineer with 20 years experience, Mike leads a team of technologists responsible for roadmap execution and development of Motus’ mobile applications. Laser-focused on providing exceptional user experiences, Mike’s team leverages cutting edge technologies across iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Stan Jackson Vice President, Data Services

With an extensive background in leading technology teams and building large, mission-critical systems, Stan has a passion for letting data tell the story, peeling back the insights, and finding the “Aha!” moments. He is responsible for thought leadership and development services for Motus’ business intelligence (BI) offerings, embedded product analytics, and data services for clients.

David Lewis Vice President, Strategy

David is charged with defining, analyzing and executing on opportunities that drive growth. He is a keen collaborator with a passion for innovation and ingenuity. David’s path to Motus includes investment banking, sales, entrepreneurship, small business management and a Columbia MBA.

David Costa Vice President, Business Development

Passionate about offering market-leading integrations that drive value for Motus clients, David is charged with channel and partner ecosystem development. His career has centered around delivering high-performance channel partnerships for SaaS offerings and cloud-based architectures.

Danielle Lackey General Counsel

As General Counsel, Danielle is responsible for all Motus legal affairs and works with strategic business units to drive initiatives that bolster IRS and legal compliance for Motus clients. Prior to joining Motus, Danielle co-founded and served as CEO of Cadence Counsel, a company that helps law firms and companies thrive in an environment where work, as we know it, is rapidly changing. Before founding Cadence Counsel, Danielle practiced as a litigator at Latham & Watkins, representing major corporations and senior executives in complex civil and criminal matters. She earned her J.D. with Distinction from Stanford Law School and is a graduate of Brown University (Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude).