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Angelica Rivera

Manager, MMS Marketing

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Orphaned Corporate Devices
Managed Mobility Mobile Workforce

The Hidden Risks of Orphaned Corporate Devices

Angelica Rivera on September 7, 2023

Technology. That’s it. That is what makes the world turn and that’s what everyone relies on to excel and succeed in day-to-day jobs. When it comes to the latest device…

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business woman with phone evoking how to choose an MMS provider
Managed Mobility Mobile Workforce

How to Choose the Right Managed Mobility Service Provider

Angelica Rivera on August 24, 2023

Any business that wants to optimize its mobile device management will need to make an important decision in selecting a Managed Mobility Service (MMS). As mobile devices become more and…

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Mobility and logistics, Stack of iPhones and iPads.
Managed Mobility

Mobility and Logistics: An Introductory Journey into Transforming Business Operations

Angelica Rivera on July 5, 2023

Mobility is no longer just a buzzword; it has become a transformative force that drives business success. By leveraging mobile devices, apps, and networks, it enables seamless communication and access…

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