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Verb: Creating Human-Centered Workforces 

headshot of Annmarie Cassara By Annmarie Cassara March 28, 2023

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More than ever, companies are focusing on finding impactful ways to build inclusive workplaces, people first cultures that represent their core values and engaging team members within a more human centric environment. Human-centered leadership skills are essential for driving performance, yet most organizations don’t provide effective leadership development company-wide. Verb and Motus are partnering in a conscious effort to change that.  

Verb provides learning and development tools through a people skills platform that inspires action and helps to build the skills team members need to work together and make the biggest impact. Verb’s highly curated content specializes in bringing behavioral science, group dynamics, neuroscience, and other expertise together to curate the most trusted concepts in leadership.  

In as little as four weeks, team members that dedicate time to completing modules in specific areas can see improvements of: 

  • 95% increase in positive thinking skills 
  • 71% increase in integrity skills 
  • 53% increase in active listening skills 
  • 48% increase in giving and receiving feedback 
  • 28% increase in emotional intelligence skills.  

People are the central focus, whether managers or individual contributors, Verb helps bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.  

Verb understands that providing these tools is only the first step. People are busy and finding the time to participate can be challenging. With bite sized practice-based activities that can be completed in 15 minutes or less, Verb is accessible to everyone. Verb ensures flexibility, with customized learning journeys for different skill gaps and offers the opportunity for learners to engage in supplemental, foundational, self-directed learning to support their growth.  

Motus partnered with Verb because we understand this is an investment in our team members and providing the right tools to leaders, in turn contributes to their team’s and Motus’ successes. Users have rated Verb’s content 4.5/5 stars and complete 3x the number of activities on Verb’s platform than the industry standard. Real, lasting outcomes backed by data.  

For team members that are looking to grow in their career, Verb offers an avenue to work on the soft skills required to advance to the next level. Finding opportunities to work on these skills day to day can sometimes be difficult since getting work done takes priority. Verb is a space to slow down, take a breath and build those essential skills up.  

Verb provides the opportunity to build out a toolkit that allows for success, leading and managing your direct reports and growing teams. With Verb, you’re supported, surrounded by an impactful peer network, and able to bring your best work to your teams throughout your career at Motus. Growing talent in the existing team should be a central focus and an essential factor to the continued growth and success of any company. At Motus, that is a core tenant our talent management teams are guided by. Growth from within is how we win.  

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We make getting started easy.

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