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great resignation
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The Great Resignation: The Real Reason Everyone Is Quitting Their Jobs Right Now 

Jessica Chronchio on January 27, 2022

The Great Resignation. It’s a topic a lot of decision makers are talking about. And with good reason. Following the first wave of the COVID pandemic, many employees quit their jobs. So many that employers are looking carefully at the data….

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Cost of Living Resource
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How the Right Cost of Living Resource Can Help You Win the War for Technology Talent

Denise Oemig on October 21, 2020

According to a recent CompTIA study, 82% of technology workers would move for a job assignment if cost of living were taken into consideration. The stakes are high for employers…

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Workplace Diversity
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What Diversity Means for Motus

Ben Reiland on January 22, 2020

Achieving Diversity In the Workplace In today’s world, many businesses recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace – diverse teams are more creative, productive and can address a broader…

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