Fair and compliant reimbursement policies

Human Resource leaders are responsible for everything associated with human capital strategy. You’re making business decisions every day that impact your entire workforce. We understand how important it is that these decisions result in fair and equal policies for all of your employees. If not, you’re liable for claims around favoritism, discrimination, and unequal treatment in the workplace.

Motus keeps everyone protected.

For companies with mobile-enabled employees, HR leaders are responsible for implementing a reimbursement policy that fairly reimburses employees for both mileage and mobile devices while keeping the business compliant with tax and labor laws. If you’re reimbursing at a uniform rate for every employee, you could be introducing unequal treatment to your mobile-enabled workforce.

Motus helps HR leaders treat their mobile-enabled workers equally and avoid lawsuits. The Motus App automates mileage tracking for your employees — saving them time to be more productive in the field. The Motus technology platform simplifies the reimbursement process with an all-in-one solution including the only IRS-recommended mileage reimbursement program and our proprietary software for mobile data usage that reimburses each employee for their unique, individual cost of doing business.

Listen to your peers.

Operationally, Motus has saved our accounting and HR teams a lot of work.”
– Human Resources Director

Source: Techvalidate

A large enterprise industrial manufacturing company increased the productivity of their mobile employees by 20-30% with Motus.

Source: Techvalidate

Motus is an incredible company and provides an invaluable service to their clients.
– Human Resources Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Source: Techvalidate