Device Solutions

Device management for the anywhere workforce.

Motus offers the key to controlling wireless expense and optimizing mobility from a unified platform backed by award-winning customer service and expertise. Easily build a scalable device strategy that fits your needs, reduces the burden on your IT department and satisfies your overall business objectives.

A better way to manage corporate devices.

Our platform includes solutions for Wireless Expense Management (WEM), wireless program management, forward and reverse logistics, device repair and support for your environment’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) security package.

Build a cost-effective device program that frees internal resources to focus on other priorities with greater asset visibility, control and recovery.

Reduce the stress on your IT team.

Capabilities including self-service device ordering, device deployment, recovery of retired and upgraded assets from the field and full help desk support make keeping pace with changes in your anywhere workforce as simple and seamless as can be.

A new way to BYOD.

Looking to avoid additional asset management? Our innovative approach to BYOD helps organizations calculate fair reimbursement rates unique to each employee’s home address. We take it one step further. We reduce the burden on your finance team by initiating payments directly to your employees each month.

Find the solution that’s right for your anywhere workforce.

Motus Reimburse

Provide fair and accurate reimbursement rates for your BYOD program.

Motus Rates

Phone reimbursement rates tailor-made for the unique needs of the delivery industry.

Motus Device

Optimize your mobility program with our suite of WEM and MMS.

On average, our customers see a 24% reduction in mobile device costs by partnering with us.*
Curious how much you can save?

*Past performance does not guarantee future results. Motus does not warrant or make any representations regarding a specific percentage reduction.