Location Solutions

With Motus, your company can work anywhere

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Support your anywhere workforce.

Motus empowers companies to use location cost intelligence to support employees anywhere. Using tools and services that draw on the Motus Platform’s in-depth, geography-specific living cost intelligence, find every related compensation and relocation question answered.

Powered by data.

This comprehensive and geographically sensitive intelligence informs the Motus Platform’s home office reimbursement, relocation allowances and location & living cost comparison capabilities.

Take the guesswork out of the company’s compensation program.

Reimburse employees fairly and accurately across the full range of remote work, relocation, delocation, travel and temporary assignment scenarios.

Find the solution that’s right for the anywhere workforce.

Remote Work Reimbursement

Provide employees with mobile device, internet and home office reimbursement rates personalized to their location.

Lump Sum Allowance

Calculate a simple, accurate upfront allowance for relocating employees.

Two Location Comparison

Compare cost-of-living data between two locations to create an accurate relocation allowance.

Living Cost Standards

Develop defensible geographic salary differentials with our cost-of-living comparison data.

Travel Costs

Use real cost data for pre-trip authorizations and to forecast and control travel budgets appropriately for your business.

Delocation Allowance

Support employees moving away from the corporate office with a simple and accurate allowance using geographic data.

Find out how much your organization could save by maximizing its workforce for anywhere.