WorkAnywhere Reimbursement WorkAnywhere Reimbursement

WorkAnywhere Reimbursement

Mobile device, internet and home office reimbursements for your remote workforce.

Empower Employees

Provide mobile workers with a reimbursement for the business use of their home office. What does that include?

Mobile Devices
Mobile Devices
Our platform calculates rates that include device and carrier costs, in addition to state taxes and, if applicable, insurance.
Our platform calculates rates that include home internet at specific speed packages, in addition to modem and hardware fees.
Home Office
Home Office
Our platform calculates rates that include insurance, taxes, utilities, maintenance and mortgage or rent.

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The Motus Platform

The Solution to Your Company’s WorkAnywhere Reimbursement Needs

For small companies just starting out or corporations that span the country and beyond, Motus has the platform to calculate reimbursement rates for your diverse business needs.

  • The Motus Platform powers our solutions, providing accurate reimbursement calculations.
  • Looking for insight into your mobile workforce? Easily pull reports from our platform.
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There’s more to WorkAnywhere reimbursements than what they provide.

Defensible Reimbursements
Defensible Reimbursements
Companies often face legal action over inaccurate reimbursement. Unlike a flat stipend, Motus reimbursements are based on actual costs, making our calculation methodology defensible.
Fair and Accurate
Fair and Accurate
Motus provides reimbursements backed by true cost-of-living data from across the country.

Motus enables us to complete our analysis and program admin in an accurate and timely manner.

- Customer Support Manager

Motus provides us with confidence that the data we use is accurate and irrefutable.

- Human Resources Manager

The Motus account management team are responsive, knowledgeable, and customer centric.

- Human Resources Manger

Motus helps us be consistent in treating everyone equal and fair with a standard calculation for all.

– Human Resources Manager

*Customer Stats and Metrics:

All data, statistics, and testimonials are generated and validated through TechValidate and G2, third-party research organizations. Motus customers review our technology and service through TechValidate and G2 to ensure accuracy and truthfulness.

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Empower your mobile workforce with a reimbursement that ensures accuracy, offers flexibility and boosts productivity.

Benefits to the Mobile Worker

  • With a WorkAnywhere Reimbursement, employees are empowered to work from home, wherever that might be.
  • Employees empowered to WorkAnywhere also have flexibility employees in traditional office spaces simply don’t.
  • Better than a flat stipend, a WorkAnywhere Reimbursement is specific to the employee, ensuring they receive a fair and accurate amount each month.
We make getting started easy.

We make getting started easy.

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