Motus Road Warrior Podcast Shares Stories of Workdays Spent on America’s Highways

Weekly Episodes Feature Tales, Insights, and Tips from People Who Drive for Work

BOSTON, Mass., February 12, 2019Motus, the premier vehicle management and reimbursement platform, today launched The Road Warrior Podcast, sharing the stories of road warriors, or mobile workers who drive for their jobs. Each week the podcast will feature an interview with a new guest who shares unique stories from their time on the road. These guests will also offer insights and tips for other road warriors.

“In the beginning of 2018, an average of 272 million vehicles traveled all over the United States,” said Ben Reiland, content and SEO specialist at Motus and the host of The Road Warrior Podcast. “There are a lot of stories to be heard from people driving for work. We’re eager to share them through this podcast.”

In its first episode, The Road Warrior Podcast talks to Oscar Meyer brand ambassador Forrest Koslowski about the adventures of his life as a hotdogger and traveling around the country in the Weinermobile. The second episode shares the story of Ivan Nanney, Idaho Potato brand ambassador, who describes how he went from Cancun to venturing around the U.S. in a giant potato. Future episodes will feature sales coordinators, waste management workers and many others who spend a lot of time behind the wheel as part of their work lives.

“What’s most important to Motus is helping our users – those who spend tons of time on the road for work – improve their day-to-day,” said Lori Christiansen, vice president of marketing at Motus. “Our main focus is, of course, mileage reimbursement and driver management technologies. However, we want to give our users and their mobile peers a true and trusted community that they can tune into from anywhere. We believe this podcast will be a great platform to do so. It allows us to share the stories, experiences, tips and tools of mobile workers for the benefit of their counterparts on the road.”

The Road Warrior Podcast can be listened to on iTunes or SoundCloud.

For road warriors interested in being featured as a guest on the podcast, please complete this short survey to be considered for an interview.

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