Remote Work Reimbursement

Mobile device, internet and home office reimbursements for your remote workforce

Now more than ever, organizations are enabling their workforce to work remotely. Remote enablement offers greater flexibility and productivity for employees while reducing costs to the organization. But with employees working from home, employers now face new challenges – like reimbursing for business use of their home office.

While states like California and Illinois already have reimbursement laws in place, all employers should consider how they want to reimburse their employees. No matter where your employees live, there are laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which apply to everyone. From the more obvious things like an internet connection and the business-use of a cell phone to the home office itself, there is a wide range of options. The question then becomes: how much should you be reimbursing your employees?

Motus simplifies reimbursement for you.

Many companies use flat stipends or allowances, but they don’t factor in geographic cost like Motus can. Our Remote Work Reimbursement rates are calculated to each employee’s location – ensuring the rates are both fair and accurate.

What is included in our Remote Work Reimbursement rates?

Motus provides reimbursement rates for mobile devices, internet and home office expenses unique to each employee’s home address. Each rate includes the following:


  • Device Costs
  • Carrier Costs
  • State taxes
  • Insurance (Optional)


  • Speed Package
  • Modem/ Hardware Fees


  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance

Find out how much your organization could save by maximizing its remote workforce.

Fair and Accurate Reimbursements

Remove the guesswork and administrative burden of calculating accurate reimbursements on your own. Motus provides you with a reimbursement backed by true cost of living data from across the country. That’s how we make sure it’s fair, accurate and supports your compliance with labor laws.

Customizable at Scale

Build a customized program tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s by role or job responsibility, you can easily create and configure parameters to meet your unique needs. Plus, administration is as simple and scalable as a flat stipend, without the one-size-fits-all approach.

Remove Tax Waste and Keep Employees Whole

Unless you’re going to substantiate the stipend through a painstaking process of collecting bills and validating expenses, flat stipends or allowances may be taxable. This costs your organization more and means your employees take home less. Motus removes the tax waste by providing a tax-free mobile device and internet reimbursement.

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