Business Intelligence

Actionable Data to Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Reporting Customized to Meet Your Needs

Having insight into your organization’s operational processes has always been important. The digitization of the workplace has made it even more essential for organizations to leverage business intelligence in order to gain a competitive edge. The power of big data ensures clear insight into the efficiency of your mobile workforce – enabling you to continuously improve performance and maximize your return on investments.

Motus offers a robust platform that allows you to easily analyze data and customize reports for your business. Our business intelligence and reporting tools serve information the way you want, when you want it. We enable you to create targeted reports or modify a complete suite of packaged reporting. Interactive dashboards provide powerful data visualization into mobile workforce efficiency, field activities and employee behavior.


Gain insight into historical month-over-month and projected reimbursement amounts, allowing you to monitor real-time costs and forecast your company’s vehicle program expenses.

  • See program performance at a glance
  • Understand trends in reimbursement spend over time

Real-time Geographic Data

Obtain transparency into the impact of geographic costs on reimbursements to ensure fairness and accuracy for your employees.



Monitor IRS and company policy compliance across your mobile workforce to minimize liability in the event of an audit or accident.



Get full visibility into employee driving behavior and monthly trends in order to identify and address anomalies.

  • Gain insights into who is using GPS to capture their mileage versus manually entering their stops
  • Identify high mileage employees
  • Understand how individuals compare to your overall employee population
Mileage Reporting

Workforce Productivity and Efficiency

Leverage data on route optimization, trip and stop durations, and territory efficiency to maximize your mobile workforce productivity.

TimeEfficiency Data-Chart-2

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