Cents-Per-Mile Reimbursements

What is reimbursing the right rate?

For some companies, a cents-per-mile rate can be a good mileage reimbursement option. It’s easy to administer and works well for companies with either a small mobile workforce of low-mileage drivers, or employees in relatively the same geographic area. In those instances, Motus offers a way to save time and reduce administrative burden. Companies increase accountability with GPS-verified mileage logs and save employees time in the field by automating the mileage logging process. A lot of companies want to know how to calculate mileage reimbursement specific to their mobile workforce. The Motus Platform enables businesses to use the IRS Safe Harbor Rate, their own rate or have Motus calculate a custom mileage reimbursement rate.

Where Cents-Per-Mile Rates Fall Short

In most cases, cents-per-mile rates over or under reimburse employees. Geographic costs of owning and operating a vehicle can vary drastically between regions or even neighboring states. Someone in a high-cost location like Chicago, IL could be significantly under reimbursed in comparison to someone in Jacksonville, FL. The cost variances also incentivize employees to either drive more to increase their monthly reimbursement, or less if the pay per mile won’t cover their actual costs.

Even the IRS Safe Harbor Rate Gets It Wrong

The IRS Safe Harbor Rate is a one-size-fits-all approach to mileage reimbursement. Driving costs are different across the country, so how can this approach be fair and accurate for every employee?

The Solution: An Individualized Reimbursement Program

It’s clear that companies using a cents-per-mile rate to reimburse their entire workforce are creating winners and losers within their organization. Their mileage reimbursements simply aren’t calculated to reimburse their mobile employees fairly or accurately. Individualized programs are tax-free and reimburse mobile employees based on the unique costs of where and how much they drive. The Motus mileage reimbursement calculator makes finding the right rate easy. Individualized reimbursements offer companies cost control. Learn more about how businesses can fairly and accurately reimburse their mobile employees.

Reimburse The Anywhere Workers Fairly and Accurately.

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