Motus Mobile

Mileage tracking has never been faster or easier.

The Motus App fully automates the mileage tracking process, so everyone in your business can easily set it and forget it. And that’s not all. The Motus platform ensures mileage reimbursements are the exact cost of doing business.

Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets.

Welcome to automated mileage reporting.

Mileage logs are accessible any time, any place, and our best-in-class cloud platform ensures your employees never miss a mile.

Simplify life on the road for your employees.

Let them configure their own unique business hours. Offer an auto start and stop feature or the option to manually select their stops. With the Motus App, there are options for everyone.

Location-based technology tracks mileage accurately.

Gain peace of mind every mile has been tracked. Personal trip during the day? Employees can simply edit their mileage log to include only business trips.

Battery-saving technology keeps everyone connected, always.

Optimize mileage tracking on your mobile employee’s mobile device by reducing battery drain up to 80%. Smart Track and Bluetooth-Pairing modes use the device’s motion sensors or proximity to the vehicle – automatically turning the device’s GPS on or off when appropriate.

Time savings and accuracy were the main selling points of the Motus App. I feel that the Motus App is the best tracking solution out there.  

– Financial Analyst, Medium Enterprise Beverage Company

Source: Techvalidate

Say hello to individual reimbursement rates.

The Motus App not only tracks mileage, but our business rules engine calculates individual reimbursement rates for each employee. It factors in exactly where an employee drives and how much they drive. Eliminate one-size-fits-all mileage reimbursement methods. Introduce personalized mileage reimbursement rates for every employee.

  • Reduce your budget line item for mileage reimbursement and car allowances by 20%

  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk of a class-action lawsuit


of surveyed Motus customers rate the Motus App’s time savings as better than other mileage capture solutions.

Source: Techvalidate

Mileage submission has never been easier.

The simple tap of a button creates an expense report that routes for approval.

Stop worrying about missed mileage submission deadlines.

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