Mileage Tracking

Technology to Save You Time and Ensure Compliance

Why Vehicle Mileage Logs Matter

Mileage logs are one of the most important tools mobile workforce managers use to capture, reimburse, and report on employees’ business driving. When used effectively, mileage logs create a clear picture of personal and business usage that is both accurate and defensible in the event of an audit.

The problem is, employees most often rely on hand-written paper logs to record their mileage, an outdated and time-consuming practice which leaves room for mistakes, inaccuracies, and even deception. The Motus mileage tracking app automatically captures business trips, calculates mileage, and creates IRS-compliant daily mileage logs for your employees.

How Motus Helps

Easy to Use Mileage Log App

Easy to Use

Accurate Mileage Logs

Reduce Costs

Mileage Log for Taxes

Drive Compliance

Automated Vehicle Mileage Logs

Increase Productivity

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Efficient GPS Mileage Capture App

Easy-to-use and convenient mobile interface

  • GPS mileage capture is entirely driver-initiated and can be paused at any time – there is no privacy infringement whatsoever
  • Push notifications and alerts proactively remind employees to start or stop mileage recording
  • Minimal battery use

Accurate and reliable route tracking and business mileage calculation

  • Configurable business hours with optional “Auto Start/Stop” recording functionality
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Turn-by-turn directions with voice navigation
Optimize Your Mobile Workers Route to Increase Productivity

IRS Compliant Mileage Log

Creation of IRS compliant daily mileage logs

  • Application of appropriate commute deduction policy
  • Visibility into arrival and departure times and trip duration
  • Auto-population of address, location name and other company-provided custom fields

Battery-saving technology optimizes mileage tracking on your device

  • Proven to reduce battery drain up to 80%
  • Motus Beacon detects your phone’s proximity to your vehicle
  • Automatically enables the Motus App when you enter your vehicle and disables it when you leave

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