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Global Mobility: A Company’s Best Approach to Home Leave

Woman's headshot with blurred background By Denise Oemig December 17, 2021

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Recently the US enacted a new travel policy that allows fully vaccinated foreign travelers to come to the United States. Because of this change, there has been an increase in ticket sales for international travel as families, friends and colleagues, start to look forward to seeing each other after nearly two years, if not longer! How is your company handling this increase in international travel? Have you made plans with your global mobility teams?

Two Approaches to Managing Team Travel

As the holiday season approaches, global mobility teams are focusing on home leave. On one hand, these next few months can become very stressful at the mere thought of gathering, managing and tracking these expenses for their assignees. This is even more difficult with country-by-country COVID entry requirements.

On the other hand, there are global mobility teams out there that only have to set their home leave allowance budgets (usually once a year) and communicate the amounts to their teams. Using a lump sum allowance for their employees’ moves, these companies are able to reap benefits of reduced costs while extending the same benefits to their employees.

The Choice is Yours

Which team would you rather be on?  If you would rather be on the second team, you’re in good company! Over the past few years, there have been more companies moving to the option of providing an allowance for an assignees home leave. The feedback has been well received as it offers a win-win situation for both the company and their assignees.

For the company, their global mobility teams are no longer tied to the manual administrative task of flight approval and reimbursement, which is a welcomed relief.  While for the assignees, they are excited to receive an allowance that not only meets their family’s needs but provides them flexibility which is needed in this day and age. This enables the company to save costs on administration and boost employee morale by giving them freedom to manage their family’s move in a way that will reduce some of the stress of the move.

Support Your Global Mobility Team

At Motus, we can help you and your global mobility teams establish a home leave allowance program that will not only reduce your administrative burden but will empower your assignees to manage their specific home leave needs. Our reports offer airfare and car rental data, among other data if your corporate policy requires it. The reports can be used to offer an allowance to your employees to cover their travel expenses on their home leave trip.

Below is an example of the most basic of data able to be included on our reports. There are options for lodging and meal costs as well, if your corporate policy includes it. The example below includes travel for the employee only, however, there can be flight costs for any family members needing to travel. The reports can also include a custom allowance from your corporate policy that are not standard to our reports. With this level of flexibility, companies can remove the need to manage exception requests and other time consuming, manual items.

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