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Motus + Maven: A Benefit That Invests in You

headshot of Annmarie Cassara By Annmarie Cassara November 21, 2022

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Being an employee on the People Operations team at Motus for over a year now, I learned rather quickly how being a “people first” company is not just a talking point for Motus, but it is truly embedded in the framework and values of the company. Motus provides incredible benefits that always consider the vast differences and needs of its employees. The long list of offerings Motus provides is not only impressive, but when I heard we were introducing a new benefit called Maven, I was truly blown away. 

So, what exactly is this benefit called Maven?! Maven is an all-in-one digital health platform that supports all paths to parenthood and the family building journey with 24/7 availability. Their pioneering virtual care model is built around women and families, delivering better outcomes and lower costs for everyone. Maven is setting a new standard of care for families across all different geographies, cultures, and backgrounds offering comprehensive care for everyone planning, starting, and raising a family. The best part is that all care through Maven is free for Motus employees and their partners! 

As we all know, the journey to parenthood looks different for everyone, some being more complex than others. Add factoring in all the various choices and your finances, the journey can become not only overwhelming but intimidating. Until now, it’s been difficult to find a place that considers all your needs, all in one place. That was before Maven, when the journey finally can get easier! Below is a sampling of the benefits provided through Maven: 

Family Planning & Support 

  • Connected to a dedicated Maven Care Advocate for guidance and support.  
  • On-demand virtual appointments and chat with 30+ types of top-rated practitioners/providers and holistic fertility support for all scenarios of family planning, fertility and family support 
  • Financial navigation support and guidance  
  • Access to family planning articles, webinars and content  
  • Resources for parents of children up to 10 years old 
  • Childcare support, speech pathologists, parenting coaches, special ed and advocates career coaching. 
  • Early childhood support includes infant sleep coaches, pediatricians, mental health providers, lactation consultants and return to work support  
  • Maven Milk is a free breast milk service available until your child’s second birthday. This service offers convenient breast milk shipping when traveling for work with kits to safely store or ship your milk. Plus, you get on-demand access to expert Care Advocates and lactation consultants to help you choose the right travel kit and answer any breastfeeding questions!

Fertility Specific Support 

  • Fertility nutrition plans, fertility education, doctors and clinic navigation 
  • Maven adoption and surrogacy services provide 
  • Personalized referrals to high-quality fertility clinics and inclusive adoption and surrogacy agencies. 
  • Access to personalized, always-on adoption support coaches, agency access, financial and legal navigation and community support. 
  • Surrogacy support including egg donor coaches, agency access and fertility clinic navigation and genetic counselors. 
  • Pregnancy & postpartum services including access to midwives, OB-GYNs, doulas birth planning, loss support 

Maven is also an inclusive place to find care. They know that bias and structural racism can exacerbate health disparities. That’s why they are committed to providing culturally humble care while creating a safe space to ask questions. Maven’s network diversity is broad, with 25+ types of providers across 350+ subspecialties. The Maven staff looks like the patients they serve, with 38% identifying as BIPOC and 8% as LGBTQIA+. Mental health support is built into the heart of our platform, creating a new standard of care for new and prospective parents everywhere. 

The Maven services really have something for everyone, providing family benefits that truly make a difference in the workplace. Motus is proud to offer such a dynamic and personal benefit to its employees, making the journey to parenthood that much easier. Motus understands by helping to provide resources that ensure better personal outcomes, this will also play into higher performance at work. Motus will continue to strive to offer its employees the best services possible and meet the ever-changing needs of its team. 

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We make getting started easy.

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