Moving Forward, Together

Moving Forward, Together

headshot of Erica Davis By Erica Davis October 11, 2023

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In Latin, “motus” translates to motion but can also mean progress or change. At Motus, we take our advancement as a business and as a community seriously, continually focusing on how we can grow our impact, strengthen our corporate culture, and WorkTogether. Over the past few years, this approach has led us to deepen our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe that a forward-thinking approach towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is essential for both individual growth and collective success.  

The Power of Diversity

When our Motus teams bring together individuals from different backgrounds, we gain insights and perspectives that lead to better solutions, greater creativity, and faster innovations. We are currently adjusting our hiring practices to align with this commitment by partnering with recruiting companies that have a strong focus on DEIB. Additionally, we are leveraging tools and trainings to reduce bias in our recruiting process and giving our hiring managers upskilling to ensure they are advancing our goals. 

Equity: The Path to Fairness

Equity is the framework that ensures fairness in all aspects of the workplace. It acknowledges that each employee has distinct needs and challenges, and it endeavors to address them appropriately. We are committed to achieving equity, and to meet this goal, we have implemented a range of company benefits and strategies that support our diverse employee base. 

Some of these benefits include Maternity (16 weeks) and Paternity (8 weeks) Leave, which enable new parents to balance their family responsibilities with their careers. We also offer access to the mental health platform, Modern Health, because we recognize the importance of supporting our team members’ emotional well-being. In our pursuit of equity, we utilize the tool PAVE for pay transparency, ensuring our team members have visibility into our compensation structure. And we use software to identify biased language in our job postings and communications that may dissuade a candidate from applying for an open position. 

Inclusion: Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Inclusion is the key that unlocks the true potential of diversity and equity. It goes beyond simply having diverse team members; it involves creating an environment where every individual feels welcomed, valued, and accepted. To further enhance our commitment to inclusion, Motus is currently piloting three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which provide dedicated spaces for team members to connect, collaborate, and advocate for their unique needs and interests. These ERGs are just the beginning, as we have plans to add more in 2024 to continuously nurture an inclusive workplace.  

Courageous Conversations for Growth

Building a culture centered on DEIB requires courage. We must be willing to engage in open and honest conversations about sensitive topics, acknowledge systemic biases, and address any barriers that hinder progress. That is why we regularly hold space for learning sessions and foundational DEIB workshops administered by DEIB professionals, such as discussions from the summer that included a focus on LGBTQIA+ and Juneteenth learnings. It is through these conversations and educational experiences that we gain a deeper understanding of one another and build bridges that unite us.  

Forward-Thinking: The Vision for Tomorrow

A forward-thinking organization embraces change and actively seeks ways to improve. As the world continues to evolve, so do our responsibilities as leaders in the business community. Embracing DEIB is an ongoing commitment to growth and development. While we’re not where we want to be yet, by being proactive in our approach, and naming DEIB a priority for our leadership through all teams across the organization, we stay ahead of the curve and set an example for others to follow. 

The meaning of Motus – motion, progress – is deeply intertwined with our commitment to DEIB. When we WorkTogether to develop a culture that values and embraces differences, we enable our organization to move forward courageously and confidently. By doing so, we ensure that Motus continues to be a forward-thinking force in the business world, shaping a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow.  

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