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Three Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software

Woman's headshot with blurred background By Lara Gibbons January 30, 2023

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Technological advances have changed the way we live and work. From the simple convenience of the internet of things allowing us to tell our house what to set the temperature at to the hailing of a ride home via app. In so many ways, as general consumers we have everything we could hope to have and more at our finger tips. Not only are these advances in technology shaping how we live and work, they’re also changing how businesses reimburse their employees for their business mileage. In fact, they’re making it much simpler to reimburse your employees. Implementing mobile workforce management software for your business has never been easier and will positively impact your organization in three important ways.

In this post we’ll cover the ways your company can benefit from implementing mobile workforce management software. But first, let’s define what mobile workforce management software is.

What is Mobile Workforce Management Software?

The amount of employees with roles that require or allow them to work remotely, from a home office or their vehicle, has grown considerably over the past decade. Mobile workforce management software is a tool to help employers understand how offsite employees are working and gather insights to better direct them. There are many ways companies can leverage this software. It can be as simple as a scheduler or an app that automates mileage capture.

Why Businesses Need to Implement Mobile Workforce Management Software

There are three major reasons to implement mobile workforce management software. Those are cost control, business insights and field-activity visibility. Too many companies are overspending with little insight into how they mobile workforce operates. Let’s dig into each benefit, beginning with cost savings.

1. Cost Savings Through Mobile Workforce Management Software

Companies save money with mobile workforce management software. How? Let’s start with the basic example of mileage capture. Businesses often use outdated manual mileage reporting techniques. Employees track mileage on paper or in spreadsheets. In addition to being costly to your business, if your employees are estimating their mileage each month, chances are their mileage logs are inaccurate. As you’d imagine, this creates a host of problems. Businesses will end up over or under-reimbursing employees and the workforce will have a collection of non-compliant mileage logs that don’t cover your organization in the event of an audit.

Complicating matters further, many companies that have a manual mileage reporting process administer a cents-per-mile or car allowance reimbursement program. Neither of these options reimburse employees fairly or accurately. These programs offer a pre-determined, set reimbursement. They don’t account for where an employee drives geographically and how many business miles they accumulate for a given month. That’s where mobile workforce management software comes into play.

Automated Mileage Tracking Software

Using an automated platform, these problems disappear. Mobile employees gain accurate, compliant mileage logs, benefiting the company in several ways. First, with this type of solution, employee receive reimbursements for the exact cost of doing business while eliminating FICA taxes. Second, this solution also safeguards your company from a compliance standpoint. How’s that for mobile workforce management software?

2. Real-Time Data and Business Insights from Mobile Workforce Management Software

When your organization adopts mobile workforce management software, you gain real-time data and insights. You will be able to keep an eye on the efficiency of your employees, your reimbursement payout history, IRS and company compliance, route optimization, and trip/stop durations. This enables you to do more than accurately forecast budgets. With this information, your company can improve employee and overall company performance. Companies that don’t have the insights to maximize their return on investments are missing out.

Having the ability to monitor this data on-demand is powerful for your organization. Your company will be able to eliminate long-term inefficiencies as well as find new sources of growth, cut costs and ensure compliance. With these business insights, you will then be able to take a step back and see the big picture of how your business is operating and how you can improve to be the leader in your industry.

3. Mobile Workforce Management Software Providing Visibility into Field Activity

Another key advantage to mobile workforce management software is the visibility your business will gain into field activity. With automated mileage capture, your employees are held accountable for the miles they actually drive and the locations they travel to for business. Companies without automated mileage capture are exposed to the risk of mileage fraud. The right mobile workforce management software removes any doubt or uncertainty of where an employee drove and how many miles it required to get there.

Beyond providing employers with employee insights, automated mileage capture software makes life simpler for mobile employees. Automated software removes the number daily administrative tasks to complete, allowing for increased productivity. Mobile workforce management software also guarantees fair and accurate mileage capture for the workforce, ensuring they receive the reimbursement they’ve earned.

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software

As outlined above, the benefits of mobile workforce management software are numerous. Companies can better control costs with automated mileage capture software. They also gain a better understanding of how their mobile workforce drives with real-time data. Beyond that, they ensure employees have traveled to the right locations without having to record their mileage manually. Together, these benefits can put companies steps ahead of their competitors.

Implementing Mobile Workforce Management Software with Your Employees

As shared above, implementing mobile workforce management software offers several advantages to your organization. However, the software vendor you choose is important. With Motus, you not only gain mileage automation software, you also have access to an award winning  platform. The Motus Platform can provide your company with unique insights into your mobile workforce via dashboards and considerable, unique data. Are you ready to learn more about how Motus can benefit your company? Explore our mobile workforce solutions today.

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