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HR and IT Collaborate: Tech, Cyber Security and Employee Experience

By Jessica Chronchio May 31, 2018

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HR and IT Collaborate for Better Cyber Security, Technology and Employee Experience

As Human Resource leaders, we’re laser-focused on recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent. But how? By finding ways to continuously improve the employee experience with the help of technology. It all makes sense: if employees have a seamless onboarding experience and are armed with the proper tools to effectively do their jobs, then they’re likely to be happier, more motivated and on their way to do great things for your company. That extends from the sales employees making meetings to IT employees enacting cyber security measures.

In a previous HR Hangout post, I covered how HR and Finance teams can work together to make critical business decisions. In this post, I’ll explore the importance of HR and IT teams joining forces to achieve these important employee experience goals.

To take a deeper dive, I thought it would be helpful to have a Q&A discussion with Sudeep Unhale, Director of Infrastructure Technology at Motus. Sudeep brings over 15 years of experience in technology operations and is in charge of IT Operations at Motus. Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

Jessica: What are the areas of collaboration between the HR and IT teams?

Sudeep: I’d say we both need to be on the same page. There’s no other way to deliver a successful experience for all employees. From day one, when a new employee is hired, the HR team has the first touch point with IT. Everything from getting a new employee set up in our building and getting them into the office—to providing them with the right technologies and tools to help them do their jobs efficiently—requires a two-way street of constant communication between our teams.

Jessica: Great point. While on the topic, why do you think it’s so crucial to implement the right technologies across the business?

Sudeep: This is hugely important for companies—and it’s two-fold. We need technology solutions that empower employees to be more productive. We need to help them realize their true potential and accommodate their day-to-day in the workplace. For example, our HR team needs an effective HRIS. Our Sales team needs a robust CRM system. Our Marketing team needs a fully-functional tech-stack and our Customer Services teams need cloud-based communications solutions.

But perhaps equally important, we need to provide all employees with the right in-office accommodations. Those include a strong internet connection, laptops, printers etc. At the end of the day, how can we recruit top talent if we don’t have a workplace that keeps up? With so many other companies prioritizing digitization and technological advancements, it’s mandatory.

Jessica: Could you elaborate further on the importance of “keeping up with the times”?

Sudeep: Cyber security, privacy and confidentiality are super important. As an organization, we must be fine-tuned and consider many things in this area. How do we, as a team, meet changing cyber security and privacy-related challenges? And how can we inform our employees about these issues? How can we prepare them to act, react and seek help when necessary? As the modern workplace evolves, our HR and IT teams deal with new challenges. We must make sure our employees know we’re fully committed to keeping a pulse on cyber security and privacy. That’s why we spend so much time educating employees about policies and best practices.

Jessica: Why do you think it’s so important that both teams are on the same page?

Sudeep: Both sides should make sure that they collectively stay within budget and abide by compliance and cyber security standards. Both internally and externally, this is how we protect our integrity as a business. And much like a well-oiled machine, both IT and HR team members should be fully aware how their respective roles and responsibilities contribute to the best possible experience for incoming employees.

It’s clear that the time has come for modern IT and HR teams to become strategic partners, charged with delivering the best possible employee experience for new team members. Part of that process is employing the right technology solutions while keeping in mind the matrix: budget, process, compliance and security.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for the next post of the HR Hangout!

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