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Two Benefits of Leveraging Automation for HR Leaders

Woman's headshot with blurred background By Jessica Chronchio April 28, 2023

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As an HR leader, it’s crucial to have the most efficient processes in place across your organization. But this can be challenging to scale as your organization grows. According to HR Review UK, Human Resources departments are spending two full days per week on paperwork alone. This is preventing HR leaders from focusing on other priorities, causing them to look for new ways to create efficiencies. When HR leaders leverage automation and technology to streamline processes across their workforce, companies win.

Companies Benefits When HR Leaders Leverage Automation

HR software and tools are a critical market for new opportunities to transform the workplace as we know it. HR leaders can leverage automation. The technology already exists in the marketplace to automate processes and boost productivity across their organization.

With increased pressure on HR professionals to create efficiencies across their business, automation tools offer increased productivity. Here are two areas where HR leaders can use automation for these purposes:

  • Evaluate and implement a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to streamline processes for HR and create operational efficiencies within the organization.
  • Offer automation tools to your mobile employees to boost productivity and ensure compliance.

What is an HRIS system?

What exactly is a HRIS system? As defined by The Balance, an HRIS is “a software or online solution for data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of a company’s HR, payroll, management and accounting functions.” Best-in-class HRIS systems typically house the management of all employee information, company-related documents, benefits administration, applicant tracking, performance development plans and more. These systems serve as comprehensive databases, housing a broad range of different information and data for an organization’s HR department.

How HRIS Systems Create Efficiencies

At Motus, our HR team uses ADP – which automates many processes that would otherwise be manual. In my day-to-day role, I like to consider ADP a one-stop-shop for all things Motus HR. Those include reporting, policy and document tracking, payroll processing, compensation analysis and benefits administration.

Using ADP for our HRIS system allows me to create reports and presentations in addition to holding all our information surrounding HR initiatives. Those might include listing job applicants, electronic copies of employee paperwork such as W-2 and I-9 forms. I can also run compensation reports for our annual budget or performance reports for employees. All these pieces are housed in one single database! This robust reporting structure saves me a considerable amount of time each day, month and quarter.

For administering and maintaining employee benefits, ADP once again saves the day. When we hire a candidate, they can log in to ADP and complete open enrollment, right from their computer. It’s that simple. What’s particularly important for this self-service type of benefits enrollment? It can be updated at any time at the employee’s discretion. This provides employees the freedom to independently modify or improve their benefits with Motus. It only takes a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Automation Tools That Benefit Your Mobile Employees

HRIS systems allow HR leaders to create efficiencies by streamlining their day-to-day activities with automation. But what about the day-to-day activities of the growing mobile workforce? Mobile employees spend a large portion of their time manually tracking and reporting their business mileage for reimbursement. Advances in mobile technology have completely transformed the way mobile employees get reimbursed for their business mileage. That’s created new opportunities to save time and boost productivity.

Graphic stating "Take a tour of the Motus App! Find out how easy it makes mileage tracking" with button to find out, paralleling HR leaders Leverage Automation

Modern HR leaders can implement fully automated personalized mileage reimbursement and other personal asset reimbursement programs. These programs reimburse mobile employees based on their job role and where they’re located. But, Motus has more on offer than other reimbursement solutions.

Mitigating Risk

The wrong vehicle program, or one that hasn’t been accurately calculated, puts companies at risk. Some of that risk is specific to fleet vehicles and employees who drive them outside of business hours. Some of that risk stems from not reimbursing employees fairly. Or, when a program doesn’t have IRS-compliant business mileage logs, they’re at risk of an IRS audit.

With Motus, HR managers overseeing reimbursements can rest assured knowing they’re eliminating the possibility of potential fraud, ensuring employees maintain IRS-compliance and abiding by strict state and federal labor laws. Additionally, we ensure drivers have auto insurance and that it holds up to company-regulated standards.

Gaining Workforce Insights

Gaining insight into your company’s mobile workforce is a serious game changer. Whatever your reimbursement program needs, gaining insights into employee activity enables administrators to analyze and improve mobile worker operations. So what can Motus do about it?

It all comes down to the Motus Platform. Administrators using our platform can access the dashboards and tools they need. With mileage reimbursement automated, the chief interests of managers should be field activity. Through the platform, administrators can inspect out-of-character mileage, explore opportunities to create better routes and more.

Graphic stating "Take a tour of the Motus Platform! Find out what separates us from the rest" with button to take the tour, paralleling HR leaders Leverage Automation

Reliable Payments

Reimbursement programs exist to ensure employees are paid fairly and on time. If the payment system fails, that’s a big issue across the company. The drivers are upset, the managers are fielding calls from upset drivers, administrators are on the phone trying to get to the bottom of the issue and no one is happy. Reliability is essential to reimbursements.

Fortunately, Motus is exactly that: reliable. Every year, we process over $2 billion in reimbursements for our customers. We also work to fit the system your company uses. Want reimbursements in the payroll system? Done. Want an exported reimbursement report that fits a payroll system? We do that too. Your company can also use T&E systems like Concur or direct deposit strategies. Whatever payment style works for you, we’ll make it work.

Next Steps

Gone are the days of documenting important company-wide information on paper, stuffed in filing cabinets. Now is the time to automate manual processes that create efficiencies and save time across the business. Typical Human Resources functions such as reporting, payroll processing and benefits administration were once tedious processes. That’s no longer the case with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). If you don’t currently use a HRIS system, it’s crucial to start evaluating different options that will best suit your business needs.

You should also be thinking of ways to create efficiencies for your mobile employees – such as automated, personalized reimbursement programs. These types of programs generate hard cost savings for your company, reimburse your mobile employees the true cost of doing business, and ensure compliance across your organization. Interested in learning more? Find out what you should be looking for in a vehicle reimbursement program vendor.

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