Motus Reimburse

Simplify reimbursements for employees’ business mileage

Selecting the right type of reimbursement program is important for any business.  Whether focused on accountability, reducing risk or controlling costs – there’s an option for everyone.

Mileage substantiation is at the core of each reimbursement option. The Motus Platform maximizes the benefit of tax-free mileage reimbursements for the anywhere workforce. That means more money in employees’ pockets and less tax waste for the organization.


The cost of driving varies across geographies. Things like fuel prices and insurance costs? They aren’t the same in one state, much less across the country. The Motus Platform accurately calculates reimbursement rates for each employee. By factoring in exactly where and how much an employee drives, the Fixed and Variable Rate option is the most fair and accurate choice.

  • Configurable parameters map to anywhere worker’s locations

  • Scalable, cloud-based infrastructure to meet your business needs

  • Full compliance and policy management for your reimbursement program


Mileage reimbursement doesn’t need to be complicated. Companies with a cents-per-mile reimbursement rate get accountable, compliant mileage logs with Motus Mileage and a simple way to review and approve employees’ reimbursements in one place. No more Excel spreadsheets.

  • Reimburse a chosen rate, the IRS Safe Harbor Rate, or have us calculate one

  • Gain visibility into field activity with GPS-verified mileage tracking

  • Seamlessly manage reimbursements, report on trends and verify insurance compliance through one centralized platform


Say an organization wants to take the simple approach of providing employees with a flat car allowance (ex. $500/month). The Motus Platform will maximize the tax-free benefits by substantiating with compliant mileage logs.

  • Increase employee take home pay and reduce organizational tax waste

  • Gain visibility into field activity with GPS-verified mileage tracking

  • Receive an annual taxable income report for any excess reimbursements


of surveyed Motus customers re-invested the cost savings from Motus back into their organization.

Source: Techvalidate


of surveyed customers realized a return on investment with Motus in 6-12 months.

Source: Techvalidate