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Mileage reimbursement doesn’t need to be complicated. With an automated technology solution, you gain visibility into your mobile workforce and accuracy in reimbursing every employee based on how much they drive and where they drive. You wouldn’t reimburse someone for a client dinner without a receipt, why should mileage be any different?

Mileage reimbursement rates, personalized.

Do you believe the cost of driving changes across geographies? Think about things like fuel prices and insurance costs. With the Motus Platform you’ll get a business rules engine that calculates reimbursement rates for each employee. Factoring in exactly where an employee drives and how much they drive.

  • Configurable parameters map to your mobile worker’s locations

  • Scalable, cloud-based infrastructure to meet your business needs

  • Technology designed to realize the full potential and efficiency of business processes

Technology designed for your business.

One-size-fits-all approaches to mileage reimbursement leave many of your mobile workers under-reimbursed or over-reimbursed. By introducing personalized mileage reimbursement rates, you can begin reimbursing the exact cost of driving for business.

  • Reduce your budget line item for mileage reimbursement and car allowances by 20%

  • Grow profitability by reinvesting cost savings into other areas of your business


of surveyed customers realized a return on investment in Motus in 6-12 months.

Source: Techvalidate

Protection for your business, always.

No matter the policies of your governing body — run your business in accordance with the law. We understand all the regulations so you don’t have to. Leave it to the experts and focus your time on growing your business. Take comfort in reducing your company’s risk of a class-action lawsuit.


of surveyed Motus customers re-invested the cost savings from Motus into their organization by investing in other areas of the business.

Source: Techvalidate

Stay connected at all times.

Your mobile employees are out-of-reach. They spend their work days in their cars and on their smart phones. Our CRM integrations allow seamless tracking of client visits. See the data to understand how resources are being used to ensure efficiency and productivity across your workforce.

  • Route optimization

  • Geographic data

  • Driving behavior

  • Field activity and operations