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Benefits of Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

Headshot of a woman By Jennifer Warren June 6, 2023

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Managed mobility services (MMS) have emerged from the legacy telecom expense management (TEM) industry as a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their mobile strategies or outsource their mobility management to remove workload from their in-house teams. Companies can benefit from managed mobility services in many ways. Whether you are versed in MMS or starting to educate yourself, this blog about the benefits of managed mobility services can provide you with important information. 

The Benefits of Implementing MMS for Enterprise Companies

Managed mobility services offer comprehensive management and support for mobile devices, applications and networks. By adopting a centralized approach, MMS ensures consistency, security and seamless integration across the entire mobile ecosystem. This combination of technology and managed services results in streamlined operations, improved productivity and enhanced user experiences.

Implementing MMS offers a wide range of benefits that can propel your business forward, including: 

  • Cost savings through expertise and oversight
  • Expert mobility support for end-user and administrators
  • Mobile device management (MDM) support
  • Forward logistics and deployment
  • Reverse logistics and sustainable recovery solutions

MMS simplifies the complexity of managing a wide range of mobile devices. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive set of systemic tools and functionalities that enable efficient device provisioning, configuration and ongoing maintenance. This, in turn, saves valuable time and resources! Specifically, IT teams usually spend time and resources on individually managing each device in-house. Outsourcing this time-intensive task liberates your IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives like optimizing workflow efficiency, improving company system security and driving innovation.  

MMS offers enhanced visibility and control over your mobile environment. With MMS, you gain valuable insights into device usage, application performance and network efficiency through advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. These insights enable data-driven decision-making, allowing you to optimize processes and drive better business outcomes.

Enhances Efficiency, Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability


MMS excels in enhancing efficiency by streamlining key mobile management processes through technology. It not only automates device provisioning and configuration (reducing manual effort and eliminating errors) but also simplifies the management of a diverse fleet of mobile devices. As a result, businesses can efficiently provision, configure, and maintain their devices, leading to significant time and resource savings. With MMS handling these tasks, IT teams are liberated from mundane device management responsibilities, enabling them to concentrate on strategic initiatives that drive innovation and growth. Additionally, MMS empowers businesses with remote troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring expedited resolution of device issues and minimizing downtime, thus maximizing productivity and operational efficiency.


From a cost perspective, MMS delivers substantial savings by centralizing device management and eliminating the need for multiple-point solutions. In addition, this consolidation reduces operational overhead, providing a more cost-effective solution. MMS also offers proactive monitoring and optimization of data plans, enabling businesses to control mobile expenses, prevent bill shock and overages, ensure efficient resource allocation, and simplify the accounts payable process through a bill pay feature. With an invoice management solution, every charge is accounted for. Bill pay streamlines the payment of monthly carrier bills, helping businesses avoid late payments and associated fees. By implementing MMS, organizations can achieve significant cost savings while maintaining optimal mobile operations, budgetary control and streamlined bill pay processes. 


Scalability is another important advantage of MMS. This because it offers enterprises the ability to grow and expand their mobile device fleet seamlessly, without any disruptions. MMS provides the necessary flexibility to seamlessly onboard new devices, deploy applications and adapt to changing business needs. This scalability ensures that businesses can meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace without compromising efficiency or productivity. With MMS, enterprises can confidently scale their operations, embracing growth opportunities and staying ahead in a growing and changing business world.  

Real-World Examples Demonstrating the Benefits of Managed Mobility Services

Real-world examples and case studies serve as powerful illustrations of the benefits that MMS can deliver. In one case, a global sales organization that implemented MMS to streamline their mobile device management. By centralizing device procurement, provisioning and enrollment, they achieved a 40% reduction in device setup time and a 25% decrease in device-related tickets. This translated into increased sales team productivity and improved customer responsiveness.  

In another case, the global technology company partnered with us as an MMS provider to streamline device recycling and reverse logistics processes. Through optimized reverse logistics, they quickly and efficiently managed the entire lifecycle of their mobile devices, from procurement to retirement. By implementing robust tracking and reporting systems, the company gained real-time visibility into device returns. This enables them to reduce logistics costs, minimize e-waste and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. The streamlined processes and enhanced resource allocation led to operational cost savings while promoting environmental responsibility. 

Why does this matter?

These success stories demonstrate how MMS can bring tangible benefits to businesses across various industries. Moreover, embracing MMS can help organizations unlock efficiency gains, achieve cost savings and scale seamlessly. Lastly, these examples provide a glimpse into the transformative power of MMS in real-world scenarios and showcase the benefits of managed mobility services.

What is Next?

In conclusion, embracing MMS can open opportunities and prove to be a game-changer. By capitalizing on the benefits of managed mobility services, enterprises can drive productivity, optimize operations, reduce costs and position themselves as industry leaders. Also, reaping the benefits of MMS doesn’t have to be hard. Make sure your team does their research to understand your pain points and how MMS can solve these problems. Gartner is a great resource to research MMS and providers. It is time for businesses to seize this remarkable opportunity and embark on a transformative journey with managed mobility services! 


If you would like to see how Motus can help address your specific mobility pain points, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Reach out to our team, and we will gladly provide you with further information and support. As part of our offerings, we provide a self-guided demo that allows you to explore dashboard at your own pace. In addition to that, we offer a comprehensive range of resources, including informative articles, guides, and case studies, which can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions about managing your mobility effectively.

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