Introducing Motus Insights

Introducing Motus Insights

Motus O logo By Motus August 8, 2023

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Reporting is often an afterthought when companies evaluate a reimbursement solution – but it’s more than just a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet that you set and forget about once a month. The right data can give organizations the transparency needed to plan for long and short terms goals, as well as find areas of efficiency and improvement. Companies need to understand how their vehicle program is performing and where they can optimize to control costs and avoid risk along the way – and people administering the program shouldn’t have to wait for vendors to build them custom reporting to suit their unique needs. That’s the kind of solution we’re aiming to provide with our latest product release, Motus Insights. So what is Motus Insights? Let’s dig into it.  

What is Motus Insights? 

At a broad level, Motus Insights is a report builder and automation workflow that allows users to set and schedule their Motus data queries. Since the outset of the company, Motus Insights has taken a number of forms. The current iteration stands out from the others in a number of ways. We’re excited to share it with all the admins, approvers and managers whose needs have shaped it into what it is today. 

What does Motus Insights provide? 

At the end of the day, this release is about simplification, making things easier for admins, approvers and managers. We can break the release into two parts: the report builder and the report scheduler. We’ll go into each in detail, beginning with the report builder.  

Report Builder 

Our report builder makes it easier than ever to build custom reports. We’re talking report creation, simplified. Configurable settings and filters make it easy to generate reports with the criteria and data elements admins need. Boosted automation also reduces manual processes. Admins can build from a wide selection of reports including Trip Details, Driver Details, Reimbursement and Mileage History and more. With Motus Insights, admins can now focus more attention on core responsibilities.   

Report Scheduler 

Report building just got easier, and so did receiving the reports you need, when you need them. Admins can now schedule reports to arrive at the cadence of their choice. Automating those routine program reporting activities will free up time to focus on core tasks.  

Routine program reporting includes:  

  • Daily compliance checks  
  • Weekly GPS % reviews  
  • Monthly manager approval reviews  
  • And more  

This boosted automation reduces manual processes, giving admins time back to focus on program adoption and other tasks. Flexible scheduling options also reduce the amount of brainpower admins have to put in day in and day out. Plug in what you want with the builder, schedule it with the scheduler and enjoy the simplicity. 

How do I access Motus Insights? 

When administrators log in to the portal, they’ll see a new tab titled “Insights.” By selecting that, they’ll be directed to a new tab from the Admin Portal. From there they’ll have the option to build and schedule reports. If you have any questions on any of this, please reach out to your team’s customer success manager.  

Get Started Today! 

Logging in each month to create reports takes considerable time away from other work. Using our modern, high-performance reporting module, administrators remove that burden while gaining access to thorough reimbursement program data. Administrators can leverage the data and analytics needed to make the mobile workforce more efficient.  

Interested in learning more? Connect with our team to get the details. 

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