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Distracted Driver Awareness: Mobile Workforce Accident Prevention

Headshot of a man with a blurred background By Ben Reiland April 20, 2018

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When it comes to managing risk in their vehicle programs, companies use several methods to protect their business and their mobile employees. According to a recent Motus study, 69% of companies verify auto insurance, and 39% use Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks. While these are helpful tools in a time of increasing vehicle accident rates, there’s more that can be done to protect employees in the field. It’s called accident prevention. By expanding their efforts around risk management, employers can reduce accidents among their mobile employees by 35%*.

What are the most effective tools for accident prevention?

In the last Distracted Driver Awareness Month blog post we talked about the liability of hazardous driving behavior and how MVRs and telematics solutions can be used to identify risky drivers but don’t do enough on their own. There are some advantages to Motor Vehicle Record checks and telematics solutions. For example, MVRs allow long-term drivers to be measured consistently, and new hires to be assessed properly. Telematics solutions offer continuous data points and serve as a benchmarking tool. Both offer a snapshot of a mobile worker’s past, a view that can help in making the right choice when hiring new talent. But, as far as safety solutions go, these solutions also have their disadvantages.

MVRs and telematics solutions are effective at reporting on negative driving behavior, but neither can do much when an accident does happen. And, as helpful as they can be, neither support and incentivize change in long-term behavior. Is there anything that can prevent accidents? Something that influences long-term driving behavior? Turns out, there is.

Training is a critical component of an effective safety program.

That’s where training comes in. Whatever the program, industry, company or vehicle, mobile workers need to be prepared for driving hazards. The right training program prepares them for the hazards on the road by identifying each mobile worker’s areas of focus and then providing engaging, targeted and up-to-date training modules to make the most of their learning process. Whether established for an individual mobile worker or the entire mobile workforce, training under the right program involves regular training sessions on an ongoing basis. As the lessons continue, progress is tracked in reports, allowing managers to see advancements toward accident prevention.

Individualized driver safety training reduces accident rates.

The results? Companies that leverage an individualized training program see a 35% reduction in collisions in the first year*, and potentially a 900% return on investment for their safety program. These impressive figures demonstrate the importance of training in accident prevention. For example, with Motus Driver Safety Solutions, the training modules are engaging, available online, easy to implement and proven to be effective.

When it comes to the safety of the mobile workforce, there is always some risk associated with driving for work. But with the right set of solutions, companies can mitigate risk and decrease the likelihood of their employees getting into an accident. For example, a Motor Vehicle Record check won’t train an employee on the rules of the road, just as a training program won’t provide companies with the potentially troubling driving history of their newest hire. The best thing to do is implement safety efforts on a number of levels, from your company policy to MVRs and insurance verification to individualized risk assessments and training. With Motus Driver Safety Solutions, companies benefit from all of these aspects of a proactive safety program and as a result, reduce accident rates by an average of 35%*.


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*Past performance does not guarantee future results. Motus does not warrant or make any representations regarding, and disclaims any responsibility for, the effectiveness of the Driver Safety content, or that use of the Driver Safety program will result in drivers’ safe operation of their vehicles.


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