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Available Now: New Motus Service Enhancements

Woman's headshot with blurred background By Amanda Pettengill April 26, 2019

Categories: Motus News

At Motus, we strive to consistently improve on our product because we care deeply about our driver’s experience. We want to equip both drivers and administrators with the tools to get their job done without having to contact our support team. But, when they do have to reach out to us, we want that to be a painless process! With that goal in mind, we’ve taken actions to improve that experience.

Customer Service Improvements for Administrators and Drivers

2018 was a big year for Motus. We made a lot of exciting changes and integrated thousands of new customers onto our platform. With hundreds of thousands more app users on the road each month, we were bound to have more questions. Late last year, when we started to see an increase in call volumes—and a corresponding increase in wait times—we knew we could improve on our support experience.

For the last six months we’ve worked to bring our drivers an entirely new support experience. Starting today, those reaching out to us with questions about the app, their reimbursement or anything related to the Motus program will see a new and improved support experience. We understand that receiving no immediate response after sending an email can feel a bit like shouting into a void. With the launch of our new support ticket structure, drivers will receive an immediate reply to their message offering a clear picture of when they can expect to hear back from us.

We will also be offering streamlined messaging to get them in touch with the right person more quickly, and improved messaging around holidays and high-volume call periods. Our program administrators will start to see changes in May. This change requires no action from drivers or administrators, no updating or downloading.

Additional Features Improving Customer Experience

Nobody wants to wait for someone to answer their call! So, we’re happy to announce that, along with support ticketing, we will be offering an option to “request a callback” after waiting for two minutes. This will allow drivers to hang up the phone and continue working on what’s most important. We’ll call them back when they get to the front of the line!

Additionally, drivers will start to see satisfaction surveys from our team. We value knowing how satisfied they are with their support interaction. This data will allow us to keep a pulse on satisfaction and improve ticket agent performance so we can continue to get better at what we do.

Future Updates to Look Forward to

With this expansion of our customer service platform, we can offer more ways to contact our team. In the near future, drivers who don’t want to pick up the phone can chat with us on the web. Just a few keystrokes and they’ll be talking with a representative right in their Motus account. It also lays the foundation for us to expand servicing hours in the future. This will allow even more flexibility for those who live on the west coast.

We’re a growing company that’s seen a lot of changes in the past year and we appreciate your patience through it all. We’re happy to do more than assure drivers and administrators we’re doing the best we can. This is the first step of many improvements to come in our commitment to excellent customer service.

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We make getting started easy.

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