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Mobile Workers: Tips For Working From A Coffee Shop

Headshot of a woman By Rein Brooks May 13, 2021

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As vaccinations rise and more cities reopen, public spaces are playing host to a new, work mobile lifestyle. You may be missing the social aspect of working in an office, or maybe you focus better with some background activity. Whatever the reason, you may be considering spending a business day in a nearby cafe. But are you prepared? These tips will help when you’re working from a coffee shop.

 The Right Location

You’ll want to bring your work to a place that will have what you need to work successfully. Look for somewhere with a strong, reliable, and free Wi-Fi connection, bathrooms, plenty of outlets, space for you to spread out, and a level of background activity that fits your work style. Some coffee shops restrict how long you can stay, so look for places where you’ve maybe seen people set up for a day of work.  Keep the comfort of the other customers in mind as well. For instance, if you’re planning on being in a meeting, pick somewhere you won’t be the only one talking. I used theinfatuation.com to find a guide to coffee shops in my area that are good places to work remotely.


You don’t want to be interrupted by a low battery. Bring an extra-long charging cord in case you can’t find a spot directly next to an outlet. An external battery can also be a good backup if your preferred coffee shop doesn’t have a lot of outlets.

Protection For Your Devices

There are some risks that come with bringing your computer into a public space, especially one where everyone is drinking coffee. Mitigate spill risk by bringing a keyboard protector. Concerned about wandering eyes? Attach a privacy filter to your screen. And be sure to bring a bag you can easily gather your valuables into should you feel the need to take it with you on a bathroom break.


Since you’ll be working in a coffee shopdefinitely plan on supporting them by purchasing a drink every few hours. If they have food, consider getting your lunch or breakfast there too. Also, tip the baristas well to show your appreciation for the use of their space. If your coffee shop doesn’t have food or easily accessible water, consider bringing along some snacks and a water bottle to avoid ending up excessively caffeinated. 

Ways to Stay Comfortable

No two coffee shops are the same. You can’t rely on getting a table, or a comfortable couch. Prepare for not getting a perfect spot for computer work by bringing a lap desk with you. If you use a mousepad of a wrist protector, don’t forget that either! You might also want to bring a layer in case you get stuck under an A/C vent.

So, there you have it. Five boxes to check before you take your home office on a field trip to a coffee shop. Keep these in mind on your journey and enjoy the change of pace! Looking to bring your remote work outdoors? Check out our post on the topic.

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