New Smart Track Mode Reduces Battery Drain

We know that battery drain ­­­­can get you down – so we’re here to bring you back up with Smart Track! Our team designed this new feature to help users reduce battery drain while using the Motus App to automatically track business mileage.

Let’s get your questions answered so you’re fully clear on the benefits of Smart Track and how to begin using it.

What is Smart Track and how does it work?

Smart Track is a new automated mileage capture mode that allows you to reduce battery drain while tracking your mileage with the Motus App. Using your device’s motion sensors, the app detects when you’re actually driving versus walking or idle. This allows the app to turn the GPS on and off accordingly. As a result, you’ll experience zero battery drain when you’re not moving at all. Pretty cool, right?

How is Smart Track different than Auto Start mode?

Both Smart Track and Auto Start are automated mileage capture modes that only track your business mileage within your configured business hours. However, there are some slight differences between the two modes that you should be aware of.

We designed Smart Track to automatically turn the GPS on and off based on your movement and motion. This greatly reduces the amount of battery that the app will use overall. However—because it relies on movement to wake up and shut off the GPS—if you make a lot of trips under one mile, we’d recommend sticking with Auto Start. If your trips are typically more than a mile, then Smart Track will work great for you.

Auto Start mode always keeps the GPS on—even when you’re not driving—which gives you higher GPS accuracy but drains the battery a bit more. If you typically drive less than a mile between stops, Auto Start is probably the best option for you.

How do I get started using Smart Track?

To begin using Smart Track, you’ll first need to update the Motus App on your device in the Google Play or Apple iTunes store. Once you do this, you can easily turn it on within your Settings. Easy enough, right?

SmartTrack reduces battery drain

You’re now on your way to reduced battery drain. Happy driving!

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