Working Toward Sustainability Goals with Data Insights and EV Reimbursement
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Working Toward Sustainability Goals with Data Insights and EV Reimbursement

Headshot of a man with a blurred background By Ben Reiland October 4, 2023

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Over the past five years electric vehicles have increased in both popularity and production. You might think that would raise questions around EV reimbursement. However, people are not buying them at the expected rate. This has left companies at a loss when it comes to meeting their sustainability goals. According to Cox Automotive, “manufacturers are finding that they are able to produce EVs significantly quicker than they can sell them.” Because of this, automakers are sitting on a huge supply of unsold electric cars. Cox states that, “the industry has enough EV inventory to last approximately 92 days – almost three times the stock from a year prior.” And with 57% of the transportation sector emissions being generated from business and personal driving, this provides companies with a unique opportunity to adopt EV’s, revolutionize their gray fleet and better meet sustainability initiatives. 

This is where Motus comes in. Motus bridges this gap for companies and provides them with the knowledge and tools to transform their gray fleets.  

What is a “Gray Fleet”? 

We use the term gray fleet to define the personal vehicles employees use for business travel. Businesses with company-provided vehicle programs lease or own the fleet of vehicles their employees drive. With a typical mileage reimbursement program, employees drive their own vehicles. As the company has no ownership of these vehicles, they may range in make, model and year. They can be internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles or hybrids. 

Motus Environmental Impact

Motus Environmental Impact is a solution for existing vehicle customers looking for in-depth insights into their gray fleet to impact their sustainability goals. The solution includes the Motus Emissions report. This report accurately measures and monitors gray fleet emissions, identifying vehicles based on CO2 emission inefficiency. This report provides baseline insights, that companies can use strategically to meet company goals.  

EV Reimbursement Rates 

The solution also provides accurate electric vehicle reimbursement rates to meet the need of the mobile workforce and promote EV adoption among driving employees. By using MPGe calculations, Motus customers can provide fair and accurate EV reimbursement for their drivers who use electric vehicles. That’s a big plus for environmentally progressive employees. However, this is also an opportunity for companies to modernize their corporate reimbursement program. Now they can incorporate business driving programs into their environmental initiatives. Depending on companies’ goals, they can make a serious impact on greenhouse gas emissions by incentivizing EV use and reimbursing accurately for it. 

Green Opportunities

Motus Emissions reports provide companies with an accurate understanding of their gray fleets CO2 efficiency. These reports can also help identify vehicles that generate high GHG emissions and areas where a company can incentivize employees to drive more efficient vehicles, even if they are not EV’s. As stated earlier, gray fleets encompass a wide range of vehicles. Understanding the vehicles being driven and where mileage is concentrated are both important as they have a major impact on businesses gray fleet CO2 emissions. The variance in engine size and fuel efficiency among just gas-powered vehicles can get complex very quickly. On the other hand, electric vehicles have a completely different cost structure than gas-powered vehicles. This is why companies must support gray fleet drivers with accurate reimbursements that reflect these differences.

Getting Started

As electric vehicle sales in the U.S. continue to grow with U.S. drivers purchasing 2.3 million EVs in the first quarter of 2023, companies working towards sustainability goals often don’t know how to get started or demonstrate progress. The Motus Environmental Impact solution is a one-stop vehicle reimbursement platform that enables customers on a number of fronts. We can provide fair and accurate EV reimbursement for drivers that use electric vehicles. We can measure and track business driving emissions to improve upon. Additionally, we can help customers stay informed on a range of options to reduce business driving emissions. 

Whether the end goal is to boost visibility into their organization’s CO2 emissions, create programs that encourage employees to adopt vehicles to help achieve carbon neutrality or somewhere in between, Motus enables companies to gain insight into their gray fleet emissions and implement policies and incentives to move to more efficient vehicles.    

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