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Get to Know These Motus Road Warriors

Woman's headshot with blurred background By Lara Gibbons January 22, 2019

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Motus Road Warriors find peace of mind using the Motus App

At Motus, we’re committed to making work life better for “road warriors” – simply put, those who drive a significant amount for work. That’s why we’re focused on releasing new features to the Motus Platform to create efficiencies for the mobile workforce. But for us to understand what life is really like for those who drive for work, we decided to sit down and ask the experts. Without further ado, let’s get to know these Motus Road Warriors!

Aaron Whitney, Sales Representative, Industrial Forklift Manufacturer


“What I’ve found with Motus is it simplifies absolutely everything. I hit the start button on the app and I don’t have to think twice about submitting my mileage. It’s a no-brainer.”Aaron Whitney

Hailing from just outside of Portland, Maine, Aaron is no stranger to craft beer and delicious food. He’s worked in the industrial forklift space for the last couple of years but has been in sales for nearly two decades. Before Motus, Aaron tracked his mileage manually, which, over time became tedious and chaotic. Since using the Motus App to automatically capture mileage, Aaron has been able to reduce time tracking mileage by 90 percent.

Brianne Straus, Senior Market Development Manager, Instinct Pet Foods (Nature’s Variety)


“My miles will be fairly justified and I’m certain I’ll be accurately paid. I’d give Motus five, ten, fifteen thumbs up. Motus, I appreciate you making my month’s end significantly easier and letting me spend more time with my rescue dogs.”—Brianne Straus

Covering the New England territory, Brianne is responsible for supplying a more high-end diet for cats and dogs across the country. As you might imagine, she drives quite a bit for work. In her spare time, she likes hanging out with her three rescue dogs. Prior to Motus, Brianne spent a significant amount of time having to track and submit her mileage each month using an Excel spreadsheet. With Motus, however, Brianne saves time each month with automated mileage tracking and submission with the Motus App. Her favorite part about Motus? Getting reimbursed fairly, accurately and on time.

Peter Kephart, Account Manager, Global Research Laboratory Product Distributor


“Before Motus, it was all pen and paper mileage logs. Now, I go onto the website and submit my mileage. It’s something I don’t have to think about. The Member Services Team is super friendly, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful Motus is and how terrific it’s made my life in terms of simplicity and ease of use.”—Peter Kephart

During his work days, you can find Peter educating graduate students and chemists across New Hampshire and Vermont on the benefits of laboratory research products. In his free time, he enjoys attending musical theatre shows and honing his newly acquired guitar skills. A key benefit Motus brings to the table for Peter? Making his long days on the road feel shorter by eliminating administrative headaches and allowing him to focus on more important tasks.

At the end of the day, when our users are happy, we’re happy. No matter what you do for work, it’s always nice to save time to focus on what matters most – whether that’s enjoying local fare, playing with your dogs or becoming the next rock star.

Are you a road warrior with a story to share? Let us know! Motus will soon be launching the Road Warriors podcast, where we’ll be interviewing all types of folks (from different types of industries) who drive for work. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out! In the meantime, subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date with all things Motus.

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