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The Insightful Impact From Your Data

Headshot of a man with a blurred background By Ben Reiland February 22, 2024

Categories: Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

The promise of data is everywhere. From your smartphone to your watch to your home’s thermostat. But with all this data come the questions: how useful is it? Can I do anything with this data? Motus customers have access to a number of reports and dashboards. So what use are those? What insights can businesses gain from this data? Let’s take a look.


Let’s start with dashboards. This is where administrators can dig into some interesting information around their driving employees. From compliance to spend and tax reporting, there’s a lot to view. But what makes it impactful? Let’s dig in, beginning with compliance.


Everyone getting behind the wheel should have vehicle insurance. This is true of all drivers in the US, but even more so in the business world. Companies with drivers whose insurance isn’t verified or has run out don’t only want but need to know. With this dashboard administrators gain the knowledge they need to take action. Consider the following example.

A company in the food and beverage industry has a pool of over 100 drivers in a cents-per-mile program. When they were first hired on, the company verified each employee had vehicle insurance. Without oversight of vehicle insurance, there’s no way to know employees are covered. If an employee without vehicle insurance is pulled over, they face a fine and potentially suspension of their license. Through Motus, companies have access to the compliance dashboard, ensuring employees stay on top of their insurance renewals.

GPS Percentage

Change can be a real challenge, especially at companies where employees are just used to the old ways of doing things. That’s why we provide the GPS percentage dashboard. This allows administrators to set an adoption target and measure progress towards that goal. This information will also help administrators work on getting the holdouts to make the change. Let’s look at this as a hypothetical.

An enterprise pharmaceutical company has recently switch from a fleet program to a fixed and variable rate (FAVR) reimbursement. With a pool of 70 driving employees, knowing the percentage or who is actually tracking their mileage can be a challenge to trace before reimbursements are made. Fortunately, through Motus, the company can not only track app adoption to an implementation goal, but they can also check in those who haven’t committed to the new program.

Spend Trends

How much a vehicle program costs can determine whether it stays or goes. Spending too much in this area can pull funds away from other parts of the business that have greater needs. With this dashboard, administrators can dig into reimbursement trends and how much they cost the company over time. This helps decision makers track ROI, while administrators can dig deeper into the data to find possible payment outliers. Here’s an example of what this looks like in practice.

A mid-sized retail company switched from their car allowance program to a cents-per-mile program with the goal of controlling costs. Without dashboards tracking reimbursement spend, isolating the data and any outliers would prove a serious challenge. With Motus, the company can not only track the spend trends month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year, they can also use this information to explore whether higher-mileage drivers might be abusing the program to their advantage.

Other Features

Dashboards and reports are helpful tools for gaining valuable insights about driving employees. The insights they provide can help administrators stay on top of program health in general but also connect with individuals for potential areas of improvement.

While these dashboards and the insights they provide are helpful, dynamic tools, there are a number of features customers can use to make the most of their data. Those features include schedules, custom reporting and reimbursement status.

Scheduled Reports

Sometimes, the best thing a report can be is timely. With monthly, quarterly, and annual data, different companies have different requirements and asks. Fortunately, administrators can set reminders for the when that right time might be. That means never missing the information at its most valuable.

Custom Reporting

Even if you share an industry and size in the market, your company’s vehicle policy can differ drastically from those of your peers. Employees business driving on the weekends? Business driving well after typical business hours? Administrators using the Motus Report Builder can work with whatever that policy may be to drill into potential outliers.

Making the Most of Your Data

A company’s vehicle program is an essential piece that often goes overlooked. But the difference between a high functioning program and an underperforming one is night and day. There are many things that distance a good program from a bad one, and impactful insights are a big one. Companies that have access to data around their driving employees and program can leverage that information to advantage not only their mobile workers but the business. That’s why we put such a focus on our reporting and dashboards.

Interested in reading more about the dashboards and reporting functionality Motus offers? You can learn more in this article, Motus Platform Dashboards and Features.

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