Three Ways Your Passenger Seat Is Better Than a Cube-Mate

Whether it’s a personal car or a company truck, millions of workers call a vehicle their primary office. Some might say being on the road makes for a lonely life. But we live in such a connected, networked, always-on society that sometimes the car is the only chance we have to enjoy your own space.

Not long ago, a road worker’s passenger seat was positively loaded with paperwork: file folders, job orders, receipts, you name it. Today’s serious tech advantages, including mileage tracking and mobile reporting, are helping keep that space as clear as a Zen master’s to-do list.

The people back at the office, sharing cubicles? They’re the ones who want to get away. Here’s just a few reasons they’re envious of your peaceful rolling workspace.

No unwelcome distractions

Working with a cube-mate is the ultimate no-win scenario. There’s always going to be a distraction of some kind. You’re sitting there trying to file a report and they want to talk—maybe it’s to you, or maybe it’s to their nephew who’s having a crisis, but the point is that you have to listen. Or pretend to listen. Or pretend not to listen. And then wonder if what you’re doing is too obvious.

Or it goes the other way, and your cube-mate is quiet. Too quiet. So quiet it gets to be awkward. And you can’t even remember why you don’t talk. Or if you ever did. But it’s been quiet between you two for so long that trying to make conversation now would only be more awkward.

When it’s your car, it’s your rules and your time. You can talk to a real person, or to your voice-command dashboard or phone, whenever you want. Or just enjoy the silence. And the piles of paperwork aren’t necessary anymore either. Today’s mobile worker gets order sheets and captures customer signatures on a tablet or handheld. That means no more banker’s boxes or plastic crates of file folders.

Advantage: Passenger seat, because it’s comfortable in its own upholstery

No boring reminiscing

When cube-mates travel for business, there’s inevitably a lot of reminiscing. First the event gets recapped. Then you complain about the food. And then the two of you have to work together to remember how everything was paid for so you can file expense reports.

On the road, you can skip all the rehashing. Smartphone or tablet-based receipt capture ensures prompt and accurate reimbursement of all of your out-of-pocket expenses. And with GPS mileage tracking, all of your mileage is automatically tracked and reported for prompt, accurate payment.

Advantage: Passenger seat, which knows how to sit quietly and remember the good times

No mysterious smells

No cube-mate means no mysterious smells. No weird foot odor. No dubious microwaved old fish. No questionable scented candles or overwhelming body spray.

At least if something smells ripe in your car, you’re the one who put it there.

Advantage: Passenger seat, new-car smell or no

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