5 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Mobile Worker In Your Life

Holiday Gift Ideas For Mobile Workers

Put off holiday shopping a little too long? Frantically searching Amazon for last minute holiday deals? Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. We have thousands of Motus users who spend their work day on the road. So it’s safe to say we know quite a bit about the wants of a mobile worker. And we figured we could cue you in on last minute gift ideas for the mobile worker in your life.

Here’s a list of items mobile workers are sure to appreciate this Holiday season:

1. Yeti Tumbler

It’s Monday at 2 p.m. and the mobile worker in your life hasn’t had lunch yet. They’ve been running to and from customer visits all day. To top it off, they’ve got a headache. If only they had that afternoon coffee pick-me-up. Enter the Yeti Tumbler. These trendy tumblers keep coffee hot and iced cold drinks, well, iced cold. It’s a perfect gift for that person you know whose always on-the-go and in the car.

2. Seat Side Pocket Caddy

That same mobile worker you have in mind is rushing to get to their next appointment. As they’re getting back into their car, a handful of business cards fall out of their pocket. But good news! The seat side pocket caddy catches those business cards in the one-inch gap between the seat and center console. Now they can follow-up with that prospective customer from their meeting earlier in the day. They win the business and you’re the hero!

3. Gift Card for an Interior Detail

After grabbing lunch on-the-go, the mobile worker we all know and love is trying to quickly eat their sandwich before they head into their next visit. They toss the bag of leftover fries and open ketchup packets on the floor. Yes, that will stain the carpet, but no, they don’t have time to worry about it. But with a gift card for an interior detail, that ketchup stain and stale fry smell will disappear for good. Give them the gift of a clean ride – it’s just as much a gift for them as it is for you.

4. Hands-free Calling and Music Streaming Device

We know you care about the safety of the mobile worker in your life, and we do too. But there are a ton of distractions out there for today’s driver. You can help keep them focused on the road with a hands-free device for their car. This Alexa-enabled car charger with hands-free calling and music streaming is a safe bet for keeping their focus on potential hazards and not looking down to dial into that next call.

5. Spotify Premium Subscription

Does the mobile worker in your life like to jam? Listening to their favorite song can help them de-stress after a long day. Give them the option to stream any genre of music right from their phone. With a Spotify Premium subscription, they’ll be able to find that perfect song that matches their mood. And they’ll have you to thank for ending their day on a high note!

There you have it! Those are our last minute gift ideas for the mobile worker you want to spoil this year. Now go ahead and hit “order” before it’s really too late! They’ll be glad you did.

From all of us at Motus, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday and enjoy a day off with your favorite mobile worker.

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