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Bring Your Own Mobile Workforce Technology

BYOD: Leveraging Personal Devices in the Workplace

John Petrucelli on November 30, 2022

Smart phones are now ingrained into every part of our lives—and that includes our workspaces. Once considered office distractions, smart phones are now an office mainstay. Companies might provide smart…

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Safe Driving
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Mobile Workforce Motus Arrivers

6 Tips for Driving Safely This Holiday Season

Alexis Reed on December 23, 2021

The holiday season brings a number challenges that make safe driving difficult. During this time of year, there can be difficult weather conditions, limited daylight, and drivers in unfamiliar areas….

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motus tutorials
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Motus News

Using Motus Just Got Even Easier: Introducing Our New Tutorials

Alexis Reed on March 29, 2018

At Motus, we’re committed to making your workday easier on the road. With our new tutorials, you’ll learn how to take advantage of all the benefits using Motus has to…

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road productivity
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Company Culture Motus Arrivers Vehicle Reimbursement

4 Tips for Staying Productive on the Road

Lara Gibbons on March 26, 2018

Drivers in the U.S. spend approximately 293 hours in their car. If you think about it, that’s equivalent to about 12 days of the year. Personally, I understand the busy…

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Motus and Runzheimer Merger
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Company Culture Motus News

We’re Better Together: An Update on the Motus and Runzheimer Merger

Craig Powell on March 19, 2018

Earlier this year we shared the news that Motus and Runzheimer would join forces to bring the mobile workforce management market best-in-class technology and expertise. I’m proud to say that…

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Must-Follow Twitter Accounts
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Motus Arrivers Technology

Five Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for the Mobile Worker

Lara Gibbons on November 21, 2017

Today’s working world is almost entirely mobile. In fact, it’s expected that by the year 2020, 75 percent of the U.S. workforce will be full-fledged mobile workers. Part of the…

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Reimbursement Inequity
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Mobile Workforce Vehicle Reimbursement

Why Is My Reimbursement Different From My Co-Worker’s?

Eduardo Valle on October 19, 2017

An easy answer to that question would be to say that “like snowflakes, no two reimbursements are created exactly alike.” However, that wouldn’t answer the question, nor would it consider…

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mobile technology
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Mobile Workforce Technology

How Mobile Technology Lowers Costs and Increases Productivity

Alexis Reed on October 13, 2016

Mobile technology has reached a tipping point in business, and for good reason. Not only has mobile adoption reached a critical mass among employees, but many businesses are finding that those employees are willing – and in some cases even eager – to leverage their own devices for business applications. While companies originally feared mobile would be more of a distraction than a benefit, they are today finding the opposite to be true.

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Apps for Mobile Workers
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Company Culture Mobile Workforce Technology

Five Apps Every Mobile Worker Needs

Lara Gibbons on September 23, 2016

Life as a mobile employee undoubtedly requires lots of focus, energy, attention to detail, and patience. Whether you’re a sales rep for a large pharmaceutical company or you’re stocking shelves from one grocery store to the next, certain every day challenges are sure to surface and stifle your ability to conquer. The reality is, we now live in a society that is dictated by technology. There seems to be an app for everything nowadays, allowing for all of us to navigate through life with more at our fingertips. In a world where the workforce is becoming exponentially more mobile, employees are blessed with opportunities to stay more organized, resourceful and (perhaps most paramount), increasingly more productive in the field. Without further ado, here are five really cool applications that are absolutely essential to the mobile employee’s success.

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