Introducing Motus Perks

Introducing Motus Perks

Motus O logo By Motus July 7, 2023

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Showing employees they’re appreciated takes more than a pizza party every year. Providing them with benefits beyond traditional offerings can be a challenge – especially if they’re spread across different zip codes and your budget is tight. But what do most employees really want? More money in their pocket. Enter Motus Perks, an all-new (Free!) benefit for Motus users. 

What is Motus Perks? 

Motus Perks is a new way to explore relevant, localized discounts from a single interface that delivers convenience and savings right to employee fingertips. We’re talking access to hundreds of discounts ranging from vehicle-related services to movie tickets and more. With Motus Perks, employees add even more convenience to their mobile work experience and achieve maximum value with their reimbursement dollars. 

What’s included in Motus Perks? 

It’s important to offer employees something that will truly benefit them. These discounts and promotions range from practical vehicle and device-related savings (think insurance, maintenance and phone discounts!) to fun, nice-to-have’s. Let’s take a deeper look. 


Motus Perks offers a streamlined insurance shopping experience that aggregates quotes from multiple providers. Drivers can simplify the daunting task of finding an insurance plan that meets their reimbursement program requirements in the seamless Motus Perks experience. Motus Members will find it easy to compare rates from multiple leading carriers and enjoy the benefit of leveraging our automated one-stop-shop.  This means employees can potentially save money by finding an insurance plan that is more affordable than their current coverage. 

Vehicle-Specific Discounts 

Most Perks provides employees with convenient discounts and promotions that simplify vehicle ownership and maintenance. One example is 15% off Firestone tires. These convenient offers simplify vehicle ownership and maintenance. And saving on items drivers already use will help them maximize their reimbursements. 

Other Promotions 

There’s a life outside of work. Maybe it’s putting time into a hobby. Maybe it’s relaxing at home with the family. Or maybe it’s going on a nice vacation. When the opportunity presents itself, it’s pretty nice to save money on packages like buying three days at Universal Studios and getting two free. Or a discount like $65 off at Disney.  

Who’s eligible for Motus Perks? 

Motus Perks will be available to all drivers in Motus vehicle programs and Motus customers! Pretty cool, right? If you open your app now, you might not see it just yet. Don’t worry, you just have to update the app. To do that, Search Motus in the app store and select Update. 

How do I access Motus Perks as a user? 

Once your app is updated (if applicable), you can view the Motus Perks page via the following ways.  

  • Motus Perks will appear as an option in the dropdown menu in the Motus app. By tapping the Motus Perks option, you will be directed to our new Motus Perks page.  
  • You will also receive an in-app message that you can click that will direct you to the Motus Perks page.   
  • You can also access the Motus Perks page by navigating to on your desktop or mobile browser.  

Once you click into the Motus Perks page, they will be directed to a registration page before they can unlock any discounts. From there, access all the discounts and promotions available on the Motus Perks page, including our spotlight insurance perk!

Have any questions about Motus Perks? Please contact Motus Member Services.   

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