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Arrivers Enjoy a Better Lifestyle with Motus

Woman's headshot with blurred background By Lara Gibbons August 7, 2019

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Arrivers enjoy a better lifestyle with Motus

At Motus, we work day in and day out to help companies optimize their mobile workforce. No matter the industry, businesses need their mobile workers to be consistently focused and on their A-game. After all, these folks are driving long hours to carry out their daily job responsibilities; from stocking supermarket shelves and meeting with customers to selling products and driving revenue, there is always an underlying purpose.

That’s why we sat down with these road warriors – or as we call them at Motus: Arrivers – to gain an understanding of their daily work lives. Let’s get to know them!

Mike Carvalho, Sales Manager, D.G. Yuengling & Son


“Years ago, prior to Motus, I had to keep a notebook to write down my daily mileage. That was labor-intensive. Now I’m saving at least five minutes at each stop, it’s a breeze. For any sales company with a salesforce on the road, the Motus App is an easy app to use. It really is simplicity at its best.” – Mike Carvalho


Meet Mike Carvalho.

Mike is a New England-based Sales Manager for America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling. Prior to using Motus, Mike was manually writing and recording his mileage in a notebook. Not only was this method time-intensive on a day-to-day basis but it was especially worse once tax season rolled around. Now, by using the Motus App, Mike saves time capturing his daily mileage and has a quick reference point to view his mileage records during tax season. He also explains that the Motus App is highly effective when driving in tunnels or areas with weak cell reception. At the end of the day, the Motus App helps Mike stay focused on his number one priority: selling beer at an efficient rate.


Iain Morris, Outside Sales Representative, Rexel U.S.A.


“On a company car program, you start to miss the things you love about having your own vehicle. On the Motus program, the nice thing about having my own vehicle is that it fits my lifestyle. You feel more at home in your own car.” – Iain Morris


Meet Iain Morris.

Iain is an Outside Sales Representative for Rexel U.S.A., a distributor of electrical goods and supplies. Based out of California, Iain drives about 100 miles per day and upwards of 2,000 miles per month. In his early sales days (prior to Motus), Iain typically worked for companies that administered a company-provided vehicle program. On this type of program, Iain had felt stripped of the financial and lifestyle benefits of driving his own car for work. On the financial side, Iain sees his own car as an asset that he can pay off over time. And when it comes to weekend recreation, Iain has been able to modify his car by adding bike, ski and kayak racks – all of which contribute to Iain’s versatile lifestyle.

Ultimately, when our users are happy, so are we. No matter what you do for work – whether that’s selling electrical goods or beer – it’s essential that you’re able to truly focus on what matters most to you. Time savings, reduced administrative burden and an enhanced lifestyle? That’s how Mike and Iain have benefitted from being on the Motus program.

Are you an Arriver with a story to tell? Want to contribute to The Road Warrior Podcast? Great. We’d love to hear your story. Here’s where you can express your interest in being one of our guests.

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